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Analytic Partners clients are automotive, financial services, retail, pharma, travel and hospitality, electronics, CPG, QSR, beverage, home goods, and moreAt Analytic Partners you will never see a web page covered in client logos. And as a client you can rest assured we do not actively promote our client list for our benefit.

We take our clients’ privacy seriously and our first focus is to support their businesses. We are proud of the work we do for our clients and as true partners we are trusted participants in their strategic planning where our analytics provide competitive advantage.We are the client’s secret weapon.

So who do we work for? Our clients are big global brands and some of the world’s largest advertisers. They are the financial institutions you trust in, the cars you drive, the hotels you stay at, the healthcare and pharmaceutical companies that you trust, the home goods you rely on, the stores you shop at, the electronics that empower you, the restaurants you celebrate at.

We have a long history in your industry. How can we say that in confidence? As a global, independent consultancy over the last 18 years we have worked across every major industry, across regions and brands.

Analytic Partners: our clients’ secret weapon.

We drive growth for our clients through successfully identifying marketing-driven revenue opportunities, helping them better understanding their customers and providing new means of competitive advantage. Because of this success we have industry leading client retention and develop long-term partnerships.

What our clients say about us

“Thank you again for all your efforts on our analytics journey. You continue to prove that we made a great choice based on your knowledge, insights, science, flexibility and overall being a great partner to work with.”

“I wanted to thank you for all the work that has been put into building the Models and delivering this at the perfect timing. I can’t tell you how impressed [the team] were with the work. This is very actionable work and I want to reinforce the impact all this effort will have for the Division.”

“Very few suppliers make me feel that they have their clients interest ahead of their own – AP is one of those rare companies! And every time I connect and work with you, I feel more positive about AP and the quality of thinking and outcomes.”

“With Analytic Partners’ adaptive approach, we could use weather data and programmatic advertising to our advantage. Driving sales in optimal weather conditions, and pulling back on spend in sub-optimal conditions significantly improved our marketing ROI and helped drive incremental sales”

“Analytic Partners provided the most comprehensive post-campaign reports we’ve ever seen”

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