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Nos actions

Notre objectif est de vous aider à augmenter la performance de votre entreprise grâce à des insights analytiques.

Fondée en 2000 par Nancy Smith, la PDG actuelle, Analytic Partners s’est développée pour devenir le leader mondial indépendant du conseil en Marketing Analytics. Nous aidons les plus grandes entreprises mondiales à s’adapter à l’univers en constante évolution du marketing, à faire évoluer leur approche des données et de l’analytics, et à prospérer quelle que soit la conjoncture économique.


Grâce à des services de consultation intégrés et à une technologie exclusive, nous optimisons l’impact commercial de nos clients :

  • Une approche unique du Marketing Measurement, de la prévision et de l’optimisation
  • Des insights qui se traduisent en actions
  • Une amélioration des capacités internes et de l’adoption de l’analytics.

Partenariat à long terme

Nous sommes de véritables partenaires pour nos clients, sur de nombreuses années. Nous apprenons, intégrons toutes les subtilités de votre activité et nous focalisons sur votre succès à long terme.

Intégration Services & Technologie

Nous livrons des résultats précis et validés en l’espace de quelques semaines et non de mois.  Nos storytellers experts en analytics trouvent les insights dans vos données.

Expérience approfondie

Nous avons près de 20 ans d’expérience en analytics, avec une stabilité de l’équipe dirigeante qui se démarque dans un secteur particulièrement volatil.


Entreprise à capitaux privés, notre approche est impartiale, nos recommandations indépendantes ; nous n’avons pas de conflits d’intérêts.

Une excellence reconnue

Analytic Partners est certifiée Women-Owned Business et un leader reconnu dans la mesure et l’optimisation marketing. Elle a été nommée à deux reprises Smart Data Agency of the Year par I-COM.

  • 150x valeur moyenne générée
  • 30% d’amélioration du ROI en moyenne
Notre équipe de direction
Team member headshot

Nancy Smith

President and CEO

Nancy Smith founded Analytic Partners in 2000. Prior to starting AP, Nancy worked at ASI (now, Ipsos ASI) and Clairol (now, P&G) where she managed marketing insights projects, teams, and vendors. Nancy has an MBA degree from the University at Buffalo School of Management where she focused on econometrics, marketing, and international business. With AP, Nancy is proud to lead the world’s largest independent, global marketing analytics consultancy.

Team member headshot

Jeff Driskill

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Jeff Driskill collaborates to identify strategic growth opportunities and oversees strategic and tactical matters as they relate to budget management, cost benefit analysis, and forecasting. With more than 20 years of experience in global finance, Jeff has facilitated acquisitions with Serious Eats and Tapad, elevated the New York Mercantile Exchange to a global company, and has driven millions in equity & debt financing. As a founding team member of Tapad, Driskill was central to its $360 million acquisition by Telenor in 2016.

Team member headshot

Maggie Merklin

Executive Vice President

Maggie Merklin leads Analytic Partners Global Client Engagement team and is responsible for client delivery excellence and creating long-term client partnerships. Maggie plays a key role in bringing new solutions and innovations to address evolving data, marketplace and business challenges in order to bring value to the analytics delivery process so that client organizations can make the most use of AP deliverables.

Team member headshot

Terri Sage

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Terri Sage oversees global technology and development and leads innovation for the company’s proprietary platform, GPS Enterprise. Terri brings over 30 years of experience in a variety of roles, across companies such as Raytheon, SAIC, and McGraw-Hill Education. She has helped companies focus on analytics and establish agile methodologies, while connecting IT with the development organization to streamline operations. Terri holds a BS in Computer Science and a MS in Systems Engineering from George Mason University, as well as a Ph.D. in Business from Capella University.

Team member headshot

Hong Jin

Chief Science Officer

Hong Jin oversees global Research & Development initiatives including Advanced Analytics, Methodology and Software Development. Hong has more than 20 years of experience in marketing analytics including optimization solution design and deployment. He has worked in both corporate and consulting environments across multiple industries. Hong graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Ph.D. degree.

Team member headshot

Frieda Murphy

Vice President, Human Resources

Frieda Murphy drives HR strategy, organizational development, talent management and engagement for the company globally. Prior to this role, Murphy held several positions across Wyndham Worldwide where she supported many transformation efforts across the organization. She has also had positions as head of human resources and development for RCI’s Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific regions. She is based out of the company’s New York headquarters.

Team member headshot

Joe La Sala

Vice President, Marketing

Joe LaSala oversees global marketing efforts across branding, demand generation, sales enablement, and press and analyst relations. Based in New York, Joe has over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications for global technology and services companies. Joe earned his BA at Hobart College and an MBA at Zicklin School of Business – Baruch College.

Team member headshot

Irene Gordon

Vice President, Training

Irene Gordon oversees Analytic Partners’ North Star Academy which provides skills development and training for both Analytic Partners staff and clients. Irene works with subject matter and industry experts to ensure North Star Academy’s programs develop expert data scientists. Irene has 20+ years of experience building and managing training programs for software and services organizations including Vitech Systems Group and Goldman Sachs. Irene has an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business.

Team member headshot

Rich Gascoyne

Senior VP, Business Development

Rich Gascoyne is responsible for partnering with Fortune 500 companies to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their marketing investments. Previously, Rich was President and Co-founder of EngageSciences, which was acquired by Wayin, upon which he was named CRO. He also served in executive roles at Vignette, Accenture and Claremont Technology Group. Rich is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and author of the book, “Corporate Internet Planning Guide: Aligning Internet Strategy with Business Goals.”

Team member headshot

Clare-Marie Panno

Vice President, Product

Clare-Marie Panno is spearheading Product to deliver best-in-class tools in partnership with engineering, algorithm/modeling and revenue. With more than 20 years in software development, media research and ad agency leadership, Clare-Marie ensures our products exceed client and industry expectations providing the overall direction to the Product Development, Quality Assurance, and Documentation teams. She was most recently, VP Product at Marketing Evolution, Dentsu-Aegis,Telmar, and earlier with Gannett, McCann Erickson, and Saatchi.

Team member headshot

Mike Menkes

Senior Vice President

Located at Analytic Partners’ New York office, Mike Menkes has spent the past decade helping grow Analytic Partners’ consulting services. Mike currently focuses on key global clients and corporate initiatives centered on delivering client service excellence. Mike has a keen interest in identifying breakthrough insights and implementing processes to help clients make use of advanced analytics.

Team member headshot

Fred Chassé

Senior Vice President

Fred Chassé has been with Analytic Partners for over 10 years, and he manages AP’s Denver office. Fred is responsible for client relationships across a number of industries with a wide range of analytic services. Fred is experienced in implementing complex analytic programs in organizations large and small. Fred is known for consistently driving marketing ROI improvements for many of AP’s clients.

Team member headshot

Jenn Leire

Vice President

Based in New York, Jenn Leire leverages her deep digital expertise to help establish advanced analytics on behalf of Analytic Partners clients. Leire was previously VP of Account Management at Marketing Evolution, where she led key client engagements across industries including Retail, Financial Services and Automotive. She has also served as Consulting Manager, PMO, with Adobe and helped establish Dynamic Logic – one of the first digital tracking and measurement companies.

Team member headshot

Aaron Baker

Vice President

Aaron Baker is based in AP’s New York office and is responsible for leading project teams to successfully execute marketing effectiveness engagements for large global brands. He has over 14 years of global consulting experience and specializes in econometric modeling, marketing optimization, and dynamic results reporting.

Team member headshot

Paul Sinkinson

Managing Director, Australia

Paul Sinkinson is responsible for the Australian operations at Analytic Partners. With over 15 years of analytics experience, Paul has worked across many of Australia’s leading brands in Finance, FMCG, Logistics, and Travel. Paul has a passion for reducing the complexity of the fragmented marketing environment to create clear pathways for growth.

Nous formons un réseau mondial

Les plus grandes entreprises du monde sont nos clients

Nous travaillons avec les données des plus grandes marques mondiales et la protection de la confidentialité de nos clients est essentielle à nos yeux. Nous ne divulguons jamais publiquement d’information sur nos clients, notre objectif étant de soutenir leur activité et non de promouvoir nos liens avec eux. En tant que cabinet de conseil mondial et indépendant, nous agissons depuis plus de vingt ans aux côtés de toutes les grandes industries et secteurs industriels.


Nous sommes connectés


Nos partenariats vous offrent un accès privilégié à de puissantes données et des technologies de pointe. Vous améliorerez ainsi votre connaissance client et tirerez parti d’un vaste marché d’offres intégrées.

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