ADAPTA - data platform

Ingest, assess, score, and cleanse data for analytics and decisioning.

Next Generation Data
Management Solution

As part of GPS Enterprise, ADAPTA is a powerful solution that simplifies and turbocharges the ingesting, assessing, scoring, and cleansing data for analytics and decisioning. ADAPTA transforms data from divergent sources into a unified format that supports analytical procedures like modeling, forecasting, optimization, simulations, and commercial mix analytics.

Speed, Scale, and Accuracy

ADAPTA offers unprecedented speed through direct integration with all data sources. Expand data coverage through data partners such as: Facebook, Google, Amazon, and more Part of our future-proofed solutions, ADAPTA overcomes data deprecation challenges by powering granular insights with faster data processing time and higher accuracy through validation & data scorecarding and knowledge capture automation.



Powerful Technology and Insights

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ADAPTA offers the ability to orchestrate ETL/ELT operations (to extract, load, and transform data) across media types and cloud providers in a single platform. In addition, ADAPTA can unify cross-industry data while also incorporating Analytic Partners ROI Genome meta insights and best practices for immediate action.


Prepares Data for Modeling

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ADAPTA allows data to seamlessly flow into AMP, GPS Enterprise’s modeling solution. It does this at speeds that let Analytic Partners’ Live Modeling and our multi-dimensional, holistic insights generation in Commercial Mix Analytics possible. Fast, accurate, and scalable to get to your insights and impact faster.

Analytic Partners’ Data Approach

Our unique position as a measurement-first, insights-oriented solution allows us to evaluate data from a unbiased and trusted vantagepoint. With a key focus on forward-looking decisioning, we deliver value faster by leveraging the data that matters. As an independent partner for our clients, Analytic Partners is “agnostic” and adaptable, and will assess which data will add the most value, delivered in a privacy-safe, future-proof solution.


The benefits of AP’s approach are the adaptability, speed to insights, and depth of insights. Unbiased. Trusted. Faster. Value Delivered.



GPS Enterprise

GPS Enterprise, Analytic Partners’ proprietary end-to-end platform, powers the Analytic Partners’ Commercial Decisioning System. The core of this system is Commercial Mix Analytics. Commercial Mix Analytics is a unified commercial decisioning system that incorporates brand, customer, operational, and touchpoint analytics to provide strategic and tactical results with both granular customer and full business views. It is a forward-looking modeling and decisioning framework that overcomes the limitations of other solutions.