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May 12, 2014

The CSR Committee discusses their first major event of 2014 - the Analytic Partners-Global Kids Career Day.

The New York chapter of the Analytic Partners Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee decided to ramp things up in 2014. In previous years we had done donation drives and worked as individual volunteers, but we had yet to do outreach that involved the entire office.  So, as our first major event in 2014, the CSR Committee teamed up with Global Kids to host the AP-GK Career Day.

Global Kids is a non-profit organization that provides afterschool programs to help adolescents and teenagers obtain skills, knowledge, and experiences to prepare them for the future. We partnered with Global Kids to create a Career Day for a group of high school students. At AP, we are big believers in the future of analytics, and since universities are beginning to offer more courses in analytics, we felt it was important for us to introduce this slice of the world to soon-to-be high school graduates.

But how do you make a quantitative industry engaging for high school kids? It’s hard enough to get teenagers interested in curriculum staples like English and Math.  In the wrong hands, explaining the purpose and methodologies behind marketing analytics can lead to mind-numbing boredom and confusion. We had to employ teaching techniques beyond lectures and PowerPoints and imbue the day with real-life experiences, relatable and hands-on learning, and interactive games. Above all, we had to show how fun marketing analytics can be. So, after some icebreakers, we kicked off our Career Day:

1. The AP Panel

We started the workshop by having a panel of Analytic Partners employees - all with diverse educational backgrounds and experiences - speaking with the students. It was important for us to convey that our analysts come from all walks of life, with different college majors and varied paths that led them to their role at Analytic Partners. The panel talked with the kids about how and why they got into the business, and why they are passionate about marketing analytics.

2. MMM Crash Course

Once the students had a good idea of AP’s culture and the marketing analytics industry, we took them through examples of Marketing Mix Modeling analytics. We started at a high level, having the kids evaluate two different TV copies and discuss their effectiveness. The students then identified brands based on their logo – this was a fun match game challenge, but it also demonstrated the importance of marketing. We concluded the crash course by moving into more detail, showing an example of a weekly sales decomposition and example ROIs.

3. Analytics in Action Case-Studies

After completing MMM 101, AP volunteers split the students into two groups and had each work on a case study. The students were given ROIs and a budget and challenged to come up with a strategy for their product. One team was tasked with developing and launching a new  flavor for an established food brand; the other team was given a budget to market a new environmentally friendly car. The students came up with thoughtful business plans by using their new found knowledge of marketing analytics. Most importantly, the students were challenged on how they would track and measure the success of their new business plans. The students did an admirable job working on teams, thinking like marketers, and applying what they learned about marketing metrics.

4. AP Jeopardy!

For our last activity of the day, we employed a game sometimes used at meetings with clients by playing a few rounds of AP Jeopardy! Complete with prizes and our own “Alex Trebek,” we tested the kids on what they’d learned throughout the day. The result was a raucous event with the students enthusiastically competing for prizes and bragging rights.

The AP-GK Career Day was a resounding success. Not only did the students get to experience marketing analytics, but we AP volunteers were reintroduced to analytics from the perspective of the uninitiated – it reminded us just how fascinating this industry is. For us to be able to introduce this industry to kids who may one day decide to make analytics their careers, while learning more about the work we do and the way we interact with our clients, was an incredibly rewarding experience.

Keep checking our blog for future updates and stories from the CSR Committee!

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