Samsung: strengthen your position in the mobile market with Marketing Optimization

Remain the global smartphone leader for the next decade.

The mobile market is in an interesting state, with smartphone shipments declining and competition rising. Although Samsung remained the global market leader up until Q4 2019, their flagship phones are losing market share to cheaper and more cutting-edge phones from Chinese brands such as Huawei, OPPO and vivo. Those brands also continued to dominate with strong performances in China, India, Asia and parts of Europe – and they yet have multiple regions to enter and grow moving forward into 2020.


Acquisition, Churn, Retention - make your Marketing work harder for you

To help gain a deeper understanding of the consumer Journey, Analytic Partners built a deeper analysis to identify drivers on the purchase funnel and how they impact retention, switching and acquisition, which ultimately lead to unique insights into what messaging to use per target group, and answer questions such as:


  • What levers do we move to reduce churn? Are these the same levers that will help acquisition and switching?
  • What is the linkage between Marketing and Commercial activities on these different consumer journeys?
  • Ultimately, what should advertising messages and creatives focus on to impact these journeys and drive them through the purchase funnels?

Case Study


Search is highly efficient at bringing in new Samsung users, but relatively inefficient at preventing switching to competitor brands.


Reverse proposed Offline Media budget cuts (aimed at funneling Euros to Search) and re-balance Media with Search.


Re-balancing budget across tactics will result in €25 million in net incremental sales

(illustrative calculation for one market).

  • -4%Samsung user churn
  • +8%reduction in switching to competitor brands
  • € 25million incremental sales


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