It is increasingly difficult for marketers to truly understand marketing effectiveness. As consumers interact using a wide range of touchpoints, each with their own data sets — “archaic, last-touch measurement” is not able to offer insights into the entire marketing mix. According to Forrester Research, “sophisticated marketers must embrace statistically driven measurement for better accuracy and planning.”

Forrester Research’s report “Case Study: Advanced Measurement Transforms Marketing” written by Tina Moffett and Stephanie Liu, shows how measurement leaders like ANZ Bank use advanced marketing measurement to make smarter investments and improve overall marketing strategies.

  • A Financial Services Company Proves Marketing’s Financial Impact ANZ Bank’s marketing team used advanced marketing measurement to respond to scrutiny from the finance and executive teams on its impact on the bottom line. In the process, it gained deeper insight into how effective marketing tactics differ by product line, and it developed a business case to justify funding marketing.
  • Understand how they overcame common barriers to adoption, such as: 
    • Advanced marketing measurement is too expensive to justify
    • Data is too siloed to be actionable
    • Teams lack the skills to build models and interpret results

Access this valuable case study today and learn why you need to stop skimping on advanced marketing measurement.