Forrester Report: Chart Your Course To Marketing Measurement Maturity

Road Map: The Marketing Measurement And Insights Playbook

Forrester Research’s new report: Chart Your Course To Marketing Measurement Maturity offers marketers insights for achieving full cross-company analytics adoption. As the report says: “Marketers must have a clear marketing analytics road map, aligning the right business objectives with the right analytical approach.”

The report, written by Jim Nail and Tina Moffett, lays out three key takeaways:

  • Lay A Strong Foundation For Measurement Success

  • Marketing measurement can be a demanding process of ongoing analysis. B2C marketers who want to deploy analytically-based models for the first time should align with stakeholders that include finance, brand and product management, and the technology organization.

  • There Are Five Steps To Successful Measurement Deployment. The steps on the road map to marketing analytics deployment require marketers to:

    • create plans focused on business objectives
    • prepare high-quality data
    • build the model to align with business goals
    • analyze insights into marketing performance
    • optimize the model’s impact.
  • Marketers Must Socialize Insights Throughout The Organization

  • Organizational inertia is one of the biggest barriers to successful marketing analytics deployment. Marketers must socialize the strategy with everyone from the chief financial officer (CFO) to midlevel data analysts to get the support needed to implement effectively.

Access the report now and move your organization toward measurement maturity.

Forrester: Chart Your Course To Marketing Measurement Maturity