Watch the Recording – EffWorks Global Panel Discussion: How Brands are Turning Challenges into Growth Opportunities

The EffWorks Global 2021 presented unparalleled opportunities for brands and agencies to arm themselves with the knowledge they need to navigate marketing effectiveness as we head toward post-COVID recovery. While businesses have faced challenges in every arena from consumer behaviour shifts spurred by the pandemic to data deprecation, there is one factor separating those that are thriving from those that are falling behind: the ability to see challenges through a lens of opportunity.


During our panel discussion with Samsung and Galderma, we discussed the most important aspects to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving marketing landscape, such as:

  • The marketing truths about where, when and who media is impacting
  • Holistic Measurement and the importance of including changes and knowing their media contribution as they happen
  • The ability to test & learn and and use outside sources to look beyond one’s own brand
  • Organizational Buy-in to start experimenting outside the comfort zone
  • And more


Access the recording of the session to learn what these universal truths mean for today and how they can impact future planning.