Watch the video – The Cookie is Crumbling, New Recipes for Measurement Success in a Cookie-less World

Watch the recording of this interactive discussion with a panel of Industry experts and thought leaders on new strategies to win in the wake of the data disruption caused by cookie deprecation, IDFA, CCPR, and growing consumer privacy demands.


The expert panel includes:

  • Tina Moffett (guest moderator), Forrester Senior Analyst who covers marketing measurement and optimization, as well as data deprecation,
  • Mallory Fetters, Senior Director of Marketing Sciences at Cox Communications, responsible for leading an analytically-driven media and messaging optimization practice
  • Bruce Biegel, Senior Managing Partner at Winterberry Group, three decades of experience supporting growth strategy including enterprise data and technology in marketing,
  • Nancy Smith, President and CEO of Analytic Partners, who has built AP over 20 years by focusing on a singular mission of turning data into expertise.


Access the video recording for a lively, open-ended discussion on new approaches, ideas and innovations to take advantage and achieve success amidst the data challenges.


Key takeaways include:

  • Assess where your measurement and spend will be compromised/challenged with data deprecation
    • Be wary of measurement inside walled gardens  (e.g. siloed view, limited lookback windows)
  • Build and grow your first-party data
    • Provide a clear benefit and value exchange to your customers and build trust
  • Now is the time to experiment and validate new ways to connect with customers
    • Publishers, cohorts, context all represent opportunities – but monitor costs going forward
  • Future proof your measurement today
    • Incorporate a full business view and personas, cohorts, and location data that is all privacy safe