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Adapt to Today’s Market Challenges

Companies are constantly facing budget cuts and resource restraints. Marketing and operations must work around those implications and find ways to adapt to new surroundings. This situation does not have to be a disadvantage. Optimize your marketing efforts and relocate ineffective resources.




Case Study

Direct Mail vs. Digital Marketing

In times of digital first, how important is the printed version of your latest offers really? One of our projects for a multi-national retailer included the optimization of direct mail/catalogue distribution. Key question: How can we reduce paper for marketing purposes and provide meaningful digital experiences for our customers?




A Hyper-local Approach

We set up predictive models to isolate the impact of catalogues at a hyper-local level and determine geographic segments/profiles leveraging business logic and clustering models. Then, robust models were developed by cluster to understand responsiveness to digital tactics and guide optimizations.

Our team was able to create an overview of geo-demographics that was paired with their response to digital ads and ultimately led to a high potential in preservation of sales.

Case Study Results
  • 10geographic profiles at hyper-local level
  • 22%of catalogues had negligible sales impact
  • € 294million in sales preservation

Your Opportunity

Where are your digital marketing strengths? And how can we combine tactics to create a better version of your marketing efforts? Find the true value of your direct mailing, digital marketing and everything beyond. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help improve your strategy.