Regain Confidence in Analytics & Revitalize your Measurement

Transitioning Vendors and Bridging Results

A negative experience with an analytics provider may push an organization backwards in their analytic adoption journey. Executives can lose trust in recommendations, deny budget for projects, and make decisions lacking proper insights. Creating organizational momentum to change analytic providers may look daunting, but there are ways to make it smooth and to see quick improvements.


Revitalize your Analytics

More than half of Analytic Partners’ current client programs have been successfully transitioned from other analytic vendors. Our teams have a trusted process to not only build a data strategy and bridge models and results, but also to uncover opportunities for quick wins to rebuild trust and drive adoption.

A robust measurement program can mean the difference of tens of millions of dollars to your bottom line. Having an analytics provider who can provide accurate insights and help answer the business questions that will take your company towards being a data-driven organization is a requirement to remain competitive.

Successful transitioning comes from:

Successful transitioning comes from: •	A flexible approach to data inputs and developing a plan for improvements where beneficial •	Transparency in model construct, methodology and results •	A focus on understanding any significant differences in drivers or where results lead to different decisions •	Clear and open communication to enable organizational change •	Training and education on methodology and reporting tools

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