Letter from the President

Our background & philosophy

Nancy Smith-CEO Analytic Partners

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Thank you for your interest in Analytic Partners. I believe companies can only achieve greatness if and when they fulfill a compelling need in the marketplace. Allow me to give you my perspective on the compelling need that Analytic Partners addresses.

Prior to starting Analytic Partners, I was in the shoes of many of you reading this page. I was working at a client-side company, trying to quantify the success of marketing and sales programs, trying to justify marketing spend, trying to improve the returns on marketing investments. One of the major challenges I faced was getting consistent, high quality analytics and actionable intelligence from my marketing research vendors. I was spending too much time managing the creation of deliverables when I should have been spending my time driving action based on valuable insights from solid analytics.

That’s what inspired me to start Analytic Partners. It was clear to me from my experience on both the client and supplier side that there was a need in the marketplace for a different breed of marketing analytics firm. I wanted to create a firm and recruit and train the talent to:

  1. Consistently apply the right analytic methodologies to deliver accurate findings and solid, actionable recommendations
  2. Understand the bigger business context and goals driving analytics projects so that our analyses focus on identifying opportunities for our clients
  3. Truly partner with our clients so that we add value beyond being a modeling shop. We endeavor to become a trusted consulting partner and valuable team member for our clients on every engagement
  4. Create a culture dedicated to innovative thinking to address our clients’ issues and opportunities

That’s the firm and service philosophy that I set out to build with Analytic Partners. And, due to the incredibly talented, experienced, and dedicated team at Analytic Partners, we have been successful ever since.

With Analytic Partners on your side, you can be confident that you have the most accurate and actionable marketing analytics and insights available to your team. We are confident that you will enjoy the rewards of improved performance and competitive advantage that will deliver market share and profit. It will be our pleasure to show you what we can do.


Nancy L. Smith
Analytic Partners