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The Commercial Decisioning Platform

Delivers right-time insights to strengthen customer connections and drive growth

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Flexible, adaptive, always-on platform drives growth and builds enduring value.

Implement proactive planning and dynamic intelligence to generate accurate reports, manage scenario planning, and complete genuinely insightful testing, optimization and forecasting.

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Comprehensive view of all the factors driving your business and your KPIs.

Integrate multiple touchpoints including internal and external datasets so that you can adapt for the impact of both controllable and non-controllable factors.

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Speed to insight for channel, campaign and tactical recommendations.

Surface insights before they’re needed with our intuitive, easy-to-use, always-on platform that leverages updated data using live models and augmented analytics.

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Enterprise-wide analytical adoption for decisioning

By viewing your business holistically, you can break down silos, create cross-functional relevance and implement sustainable organizational change. It gives marketing a seat at the table.

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ROI Genome

Access to benchmark data across 12+ industries and 50+ countries that integrates with your data to provide a wealth of added value and experience.

Unlock growth opportunities with GPS-E

The world’s biggest brands use GPS-E to uncover growth-focused insights and build better connections with their customers. You can transform performance and drive change to become unstoppable.

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Facilitates efficient data transfer and processing with sophisticated data management and ingestion tools.

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Multi-dimensional analytics that offers both holistic and granular viewpoints. Results are integrated into our decisioning platforms for immediate use and our ROI Genome for longer-term benefit.

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Powerful, adaptive, and forward-looking planning and optimization capabilities

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