Commercial Analytics

Represents every aspect of the user journey as data, providing a unique and transformative lens through which brands can understand and engage with their customers.

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Evolve from historical report cards
to forward-looking decisioning

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Powerful analytics to deliver meaningful results

With robust analytics, you can build confidence with your stakeholders to make decisions that create value for your business.

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Forecasting and real-world scenario planning to accurately plan

Insights and recommendations are proactively surfaced before you know you need them to give you a head start.

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Flexible, always-on decisioning to course-correct

Speed up delivery to meet the ever-changing needs of your dynamic business to increase adoption.

A robust modeling approach

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Customer-centric view of commercial business drivers

Analyze the entire business (brand, customer, product, operational, external factors) to identify trends and gaps and pivot growth strategies.

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Adaptive and connected multi-dimensional models

A combination of data codification, statistical models, and ML/AI to discover insights across multiple factors, including: KPIs, regions, platforms, and customer segments. Create a single source of truth and remove the need for disparate, disconnected measurement solutions.

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Future-proofed and privacy-safe

Commercial analytics doesn’t require user-level data. It uses a multi-dimensional structure which incorporates customer segments or cohorts to address brands’ unique business objectives.

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Expanded solutions for depth and breadth of insights

Agile Learning

Test and learn product to design experiments that validate strategy, get a quick yes/no to tactical questions, and reduce biased-decisions with less data.

Brand Impact

Quantify the value created from branding on business performance in the short and long-term.
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Partner Deep Dives

Leverages partner relationships with walled gardens such as Amazon, Meta, Google, Roku for granular, placement-level insights.

Customer Franchise Value

Deeper understanding of key customers segments, reveal early indicators of churn, etc.
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Pricing Optimization

Analyze and project price increases and decreases to drive value and optimize profit.
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Touchpoint Analytics

Incrementality measurement for campaigns to optimize tactical plans.

Commercial analytics is delivered through our flexible, adaptive, always-on platform, GPS-Enterprise

Key Incremental Business Drivers 

Margin Return on Investment (ROI)


Scenario Planning

Identify incrementality by measuring relationships of marketing factors and KPIs such as sales that would not have occurred in the absence of that activity.  Break out which controllable or non-controllable business drivers are contributing to business KPIs such as sales, traffic, etc. 

GPS Enterprise Key Drivers Report

Understand the level of spend efficiency by sub-brand, region, channel, program, or campaign.

Margin ROI GPS Enterprise Report

Shift from historical report cards to predict future performance.  Compare predictions vs. actual performance, identify gaps to goals, and build more accurate plans and forecasts to achieve growth targets. 

GPS Enterprise Forecasting Insight Report

Scenario plan, optimize campaigns regularly and deep dive in tactical planning. 

Scenario Planning Dashboard
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Frequently asked questions

Commercial analytics helps organizations optimize business performance by enabling data-driven decisions that drive efficiency, profitability and business growth. The term refers to the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data to gain insights and make informed business decisions in a commercial setting. It involves using advanced statistical methods, machine learning, data mining techniques, and predictive modeling to extract meaningful patterns and trends from large datasets related to sales, marketing, customer behavior, operations, finance, product, strategic pricing and other areas of a business. When adopted broadly, commercial analytics enables businesses to allocate resources more effectively, offset macroeconomic headwinds, fend off competitive pressures and identify levers to drive sustainable growth.

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Discover how you can maximize the value of analytics to drive growth and strengthen customer relationships.