Commercial Analytics

Represents every aspect of the user journey as data, providing a unique and transformative lens through which brands can understand and engage with their customers.

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An end-to-end solution for actionable insights and better decision-making

Commercial analytics combining customer analytics, brand and long term analytics, operational analytics, and touchpoint analytics into data driven insights

Commercial Analytics identifies and measures the impact and return of all your business activities. This transforms the accuracy and impact of scenario planning and forecasting.  We integrate your enterprise-wide data with competitor, economic and other touchpoint data to break down silos and provide  accurate and timely insights on the real impact of specific actions across the business, not just marketing.

Why Commercial Analytics


Go beyond media and marketing optimization and identify all the factors that affect your business performance.

Flexible and Granular

Answer more questions, in more ways. Adapt for strategic, tactical, corporate or functional needs.


Always-on, models provide performance metrics and real world scenario planning and predictions.

The granularity of the outcome is much better than before! Really impressed by this quality and outcome from this modeling. actionable, insightful.
Shanian Chen
Shanian Chen Marketing GM, China

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