Pricing as a Tool for Growth

By understanding both short-and long-term drivers of sales, pricing can be optimized to reflect the value of products and services for customers. Our advanced live-modeling tools analyze and predict the potential impact of different price points on long term revenue and growth.

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Evaluate every aspect of pricing to increase sales

Pricing effectively is the difference between growth and stagnation

Understanding what customers value, at what price point, ensures correct pricing and more sales. Use our Pricing Optimization tool to identify and implement the optimal price point.

Business questions answered:

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  • How should different segments and brands in a portfolio be strategically priced to drive growth?
  • Are their opportunities to optimize every day and promotional price points to maintain volume yet drive profitable growth?
  • What is the importance of a brand’s price gap vs. key competitors and how should this impact pricing guidelines?
  • What are the most important price thresholds and the best approach to cross them?
  • What is the right balance between promotion, depth of discount, and number of promotional events?
  • How will a price increase affect revenue, volume, penetration and buy rate?

Frequently asked questions

The primary benefit of price optimization is the ability to optimize pricing strategies to enhance overall business performance by setting prices in a way that maximizes business objectives, such as revenue, profit, or market share. By optimizing prices, businesses can drive growth, enhance profitability, and stay competitive in the market. By quantifying both promoted and non-promoted demand elasticity, businesses can stimulate demand during slower periods or manage excess inventory by offering discounts. Similarly, during higher demand periods, pricing optimization can reduce the likelihood of products going out of stock, improve inventory turnover, and minimize holding costs.

The process of price optimization involves gathering and analyzing vast amounts of data. This provides valuable insights into customer behavior, category dynamics, overall market trends, and the effectiveness of pricing and promotional strategies. By leveraging advanced analytics, businesses can make data-driven pricing decisions, identify pricing opportunities, and respond quickly to changing market conditions which can be especially relevant during high inflationary periods (Consumer Price Index). Organizations leverage pricing analytics around Strategic Revenue Management, to drive profitability, gain a competitive advantage, but also to develop customer insights around category structure, customer segmentation that will drive pricing strategies.

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