Commercial Analytics for Retail

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and sales performance to optimize operations better and drive growth.

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Analyze every revenue driver across the customer journey

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Retail sales drivers are complex

Commercial Analytics helps retailers understand customers, optimize pricing and promotion strategies, measure performance, and maximize profits. It helps identify emerging market trends, how products perform against competitors, and forecast potential sales growth. By leveraging data-driven approaches, retailers can stay ahead of the competition and maximize their profits.

Access strategic and tactical insights


Answer more questions, more quickly, at a strategic, tactical and functional level.


Always on, real-time, real-world scenario planning and decisioning.


Integrates enterprise, competitor, economic, touchpoint and other data for actionable, accurate insights.

With Analytic Partners, we have progressed from
‘I think…’ to ‘we know…'
Sarah Landsman
Sarah Landsman Vice President, Marketing

Leveraging analytics can help retailers answer these questions:

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  • How can I improve my customer behaviors?
  • How can I manage a major e-commerce shift?
  • What brand transformation means in the age of digital, and which changes are here to stay?
  • Why a strong foundation of holistic measurement was key in creating a future-proof strategy.

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