Marketing Mix Modeling

Understand the ROI of your spend and improve business impact.

Why do I need this?

Optimize your spend

Solving the age-old question of “how can I best invest my budget?” has never been more crucial or more complex. With billions of dollars on the line and consumers shopping across platforms and media channels, Analytic Partners goes beyond Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) to give marketers the confidence they are making the right investment decision. We call this foundational analysis “Commercial Mix Modeling.”

How does it work?

Advanced analytics isolate drivers of performance

Analytic Partners use advanced measurement techniques that deconstruct and quantify the performance of each element of the marketing mix. We go a step further and address the whole business at a deeper, more granular level through Commercial Mix Modeling. We customize each model to address specific market, brand, and business challenges. It’s faster, more granular, and can not only tell you what happened but also lend insights into what you need to do next. The result? Insights that will increase your sales, market share, and business results.

What makes it effective?

Go Beyond Marketing Mix with models that are nimble, granular, and dimensional

As practiced by Analytics Partners, Commercial Mix Models accommodate all forms of marketing activity and delivers holistic results that go beyond channels to campaign, geography, store and even further to segments and personas. Commercial Mix Modeling offers the ability to integrate multiple PKIs, brands and omnichannel factors. With faster data onboarding and Analytic Partners technology, models are developed, tested and providing insight for media optimization within a matter of weeks, not months. And for brands that need continuous feedback, Live Models provide speed to insights that no other MMM provider can offer.

MMM answers questions like:

  • What is the ROI of my media spend?

  • How do non-marketing factors like competitive data and weather impact my ROI?

  • How does online vs offline media contribute to my ROI?

  • How can I optimize my marketing mix?

  • What is the incremental impact of my marketing activities on baseline sales?

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