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Analytic Partners Recognized As A Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Marketing Measurement & Optimization, Q3 2023

Analytic Partners Named Leader In Forrester Wave 2023

Analytic Partners received the highest possible scores across 26 key criteria and the highest ranking versus all other vendors in the following criteria groupings:

  • Business Scenarios and Impact
  • Technology Platform
  • Client Engagement and Services
  • Measurement Methods and Management

Real Marketing Measurement is more than just an ROI scorecard

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MMM and MTA no longer fit for purpose

The diversity of marketing activities and the proliferation of media and channels has made measurement more important, but also more complex.

Today brands need a pioneering measurement approach that ingests enterprise, competitive, economic, touchpoint and other data to provide real-time, actionable, forward looking insights that improve customer connections and drive growth.

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group gathered around laptop having discussion
group gathered around laptop having discussion
group gathered around laptop having discussion
group gathered around laptop having discussion
group gathered around laptop having discussion

Relying only on easily measurable data in Marketing Mix Modeling can lead to poor decisions. Analytic Partners' ROI Genome shows that most media's effect is not immediate. Any marketing mix must factor in the response over subsequent days and weeks following exposure and overall halo effects. Media exposures may drive immediate incremental conversion, but much of its influence is often misunderstood or misattributed in the short and long term. Therefore, a holistic view of media effectiveness, including the long-term effects and indirect impacts, is necessary for an accurate and effective Marketing Mix Modeling strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) is a statistical analysis technique used to measure and evaluate the impact of various marketing activities on business outcomes. The marketing mix refers to the combination of marketing elements or variables that a company can control to influence consumer behavior and achieve its marketing objectives.

Marketing mix modeling aims to assess how changes in these variables affect sales, customer acquisition, market share, and other key performance indicators. Organizations use this technique to measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions to optimize their marketing strategies. Although Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) takes an analytical approach to quantify the impact of specific marketing activities, it only offers a high-level satellite view without granular insights, and has challenges adapting to the complexity of data available today.

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