Agile Learning

Act decisively, reduce risk, and add confidence with advanced test and learn.

Why do I need this?

Sophisticated experimental design

Analytic Partners’ Agile Learning supports data-driven decision making by designing sophisticated tests that provide accurate and faster results and validations on a wide range of hypotheses. As a module of GPS Enterprise, Agile Learning is an integrated part of our holistic platform for data, analytics, and decisioning.

How does it work?

Go beyond traditional test/control

Built upon the foundation of Commercial Mix Modeling with proprietary algorithms and intelligence from ROI Genome, Agile Learning goes beyond traditional test/control comparisons to capture and quantify current complexities, measure multiple KPIs and better deal with bias and contamination. Actionable insights feed back into your holistic commercial mix model to forecast expansion of tested strategies.

What makes it effective?

Adapt and act quickly

By leveraging a holistic understanding of marketing and non-marketing drivers and a bias correction approach that is superior to alternatives, organizations are better positioned to face market challenges and improve business performance.

Design, Validate, and Act

Agile Learning quickly answers business questions such as:

  • How do I optimize during and following market disruptions?

  • What will be the impact of creatives, messages, or touch points?

  • How does response vary across my target audiences and segments?

  • How will increases or decreases in marketing investment impact my business?

  • What can I expect of new and emerging channels, small scale, and local activities?

  • What are optimal pricing points, offers, or depth of discounts?

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