Brand Impact

Balance your brand marketing and performance marketing investments with actionable insights into both short-term and long-term revenue.

Quantify the monetary impact of brand on business performance

Marketing leading to sales with commercial analytics & brand impact

Brand Impact integrates multiple, full-funnel KPIs into a Commercial Analytics program to measure marketing’s short-term and long-term impact on sales.

This enables companies to balance different brand and performance objectives to optimize revenue and shareholder value. Finally, marketers can connect brand metrics to hard currency.

Why Brand Impact

GPS Enterprise Prophet insight dashboard

Get On Demand Insights

Access an easy-to-use dashboard within GPS-Enterprise to understand which marketing channels are driving your brand performance, and view both short- and long-term ROIs.

GPS Enterprise Prophet strategic planning and optimization

Balance Investment Strategy

Analyze different scenarios in the platform and optimize for different short- and long-term brand investment strategies.

Access Robust Data Sources

Leverage first and third-party data assets for Brand Impact measurement. In addition, get easy access to brand metrics through our partnerships with YouGov and Google.

Customer Story: multinational technology leader

Brand Impact identifies an additional $200MM in revenue opportunity.


The marketing team at a Fortune 100 company did not have a way to prove that shifts in brand perception through advertising investment deliver financial return over the long-term.


Brand Impact, combined with Commercial Analytics, was able to measure short- and long-term ROI for advertising over a period of two years, identifying an additional $200MM in revenue earned through advertising across television and digital channels. 

Your work and insights are making it possible for us to embark on marketing ROI conversations with our CFO and beyond, driving impact we had only dreamed about a few months ago.
Director of Market Research

ROI Genome

Use 20+ years of collective intelligence for reference points, white space opportunities, and additional perspective for your brand.

Frequently asked questions

    What are the drivers of brand metrics, and how can I grow my brand’s health?
    How do I quantify the long-term impact of each of my channels as compared to short-term impact?
    Which brand metrics are leading indicators of sales?
    How should I balance spend to maximize short and long-term goals?

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