Customer Franchise Value

Understand key customers, reveal early indicators of churn, increase personalization, and optimize investment for short term and long-term strategies.

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Better understand customers to drive business success

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A value-based approach for the short and long term. Identifies marketing and non-marketing touch points and experiences that drive the greatest long-term customer value. Leverages machine learning and predictive analytics to uncover meaningful customer segments and enable optimal experiences.

Customer analytics optimizes customer engagement


Optimize channels and messages by customer segment.


Reduce customer churn. Spot opportunities in real-time.

Maximize customer value 

Identify, attract and retain high value customers.

Business questions addressed

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  • How can we better define our customer profiles to align with future shareholder value?
  • What sales and marketing activities are most effective and efficient at acquiring high-value customers and preventing churn?
  • Which sales and marketing efforts are most effective and efficient in increasing productivity of lower-value segments?
  • How do we ensure the right messages reach the right person at the right time to avoid churn?
  • What is the optimal allocation of investment for the short-term (e.g. 1-year) and long-term (e.g. 5-year)?

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