Customer Franchise Value

Uncover the true value of your customers.

Why do I need this?

Better Customer Understanding Increases Shareholder Value

By leveraging the power of sophisticated data analytics, you can grow your greatest asset: your relationships with your customers. When you monetize and extend those relationships through time, you will increase your customer lifetime value—and this will have an immediate and quantifiable impact on your shareholder value: thus Customer Franchise Value.

How does it work?

Marketing impact quantified across customer segments

We uncover the short and long-term franchise value of each marketing lever, enabling brands to optimally allocate investment for both topline growth and long-term shareholder value. By using machine learning and predictive data analytics to gain actionable insights into your relationship with your customers, you can shape the best future for your shareholders, your customers, and your company alike.

Customer Franchise value includes data integration, personalization, optimization and resulting insights

What makes it effective?

Investment is allocated for both short- and long-term goals

Customer Franchise Value unlocks the power of customer data to deliver significant growth in marketing ROI and long-term shareholder value. With Customer Franchise Value, you can better understand behavior patterns, target customers with more specific tactics and messaging, and more accurately calculate long term ROIs of marketing tactics. This solution identifies marketing and non-marketing touchpoints that drive the greatest long-term customer value as it provides recommendations to optimize spend.

Customer Franchise Value answers question like:

  • How can I bridge the gap between shareholder value and customer value?

  • How can I increase the productivity of each of my customer segments?

  • How can I balance short term topline growth with long term strategy within my customer base?

  • Which marketing efforts should I leverage to acquire and retain my most valuable customers?

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