Mission & Operating Model

Actionable insights to improve business performance

Operating Culture

To fulfill our mission, we’ve established a unique operating environment and corporate culture with high performance standards based on five core attributes:

  1. Collaboration. We believe in partnering with our clients and committing to their long-term success. You’ll receive unparalleled personalized service, customized attention to your key business issues, and knowledgeable value-added insights. Our disciplined analysis and proven experience will improve your organization’s ability to deliver enhanced performance more than you ever thought possible.
  2. Excellence. Within our organization, we have a wide breadth of experience and a wealth of intellectual capital. Our collective skills include experience across industries and analytic techniques. Our people range from analytically trained experts with PhDs from prominent academic institutions to analytically-trained marketing professionals with in-depth business management experience and solid track records of success. Rigorous internal training programs and knowledge-sharing forums complement our quality assurance processes to ensure the insights we provide are valid, robust and statistically rigorous.
  3. Innovation. Our breadth of analytic perspectives, experience and expertise enable us to create new research methods and software solutions that push the boundaries of decision support. As a result, you’ll benefit from advanced solutions for your business problems that lead to great leaps in business performance.
  4. Results-orientation. Improving your business results and ROI is your main concern – and our goal, too. That’s why we deliver value by interpreting findings in the context of your business environment and competitive landscape and then take these findings further, making strategic and tactical recommendations to improve your marketing results. We add significant value by working with you to incorporate our recommendations into your marketing plans so you can quickly benefit from improved results.
  5. Global. Our strategic locations across continents allow us to better serve clients anywhere in the world through a dedicated local presence, deeper understanding of local markets and experience with local data. Together, those allow us to provide timely insights, more meaningful analyses and closer collaboration that ultimately result in better decision-making for you.

Supplier Diversity

Analytic Partners' Supplier Diversity program is part of our commitment to increasing our use of services and products provided by other certified diverse-owned businesses. Learn more and apply to our program.

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