Our Leadership Team

Delivering insights across the globe

Nancy Smith

President and CEO

Nancy Smith founded Analytic Partners in 2000. Prior to starting AP, Nancy worked at ASI (now, Ipsos ASI) and Clairol (now, P&G) where she managed marketing insights projects, teams, and vendors. Nancy has an MBA degree from the University at Buffalo School of Management where she focused on econometrics, marketing, and international business. With AP, Nancy is proud to lead the world's largest independent, global marketing analytics consultancy.

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Maggie Merklin

Executive Vice President

Maggie Merklin is responsible for global business development with a focus on new solutions and innovations. Maggie oversees numerous global project teams. Maggie puts emphasis on bringing value to the analytics delivery process and driving change management so client organizations can make the most effective use of AP deliverables. Her industry experience spans Consumer Goods, Hospitality, Retail, Pharmaceutical, and Automotive.

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Hong Jin

Chief Science Officer

Hong Jin oversees global Research & Development initiatives including Advanced Analytics, Methodology and Software Development. Hong has more than 20 years of experience in marketing analytics including optimization solution design and deployment. He has worked in both corporate and consulting environments across multiple industries. Hong graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Ph.D. degree.

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Salim Khoury

Chief Technology Officer

Salim Khoury is responsible for the strategic direction of the global information technology systems and platforms of Analytic Partners. Salim possesses 15+ years of experience building scalable systems spanning different verticals including e-commerce, domestic and international financial services, government, and consulting industries. Salim graduated from the George Mason Volgenau School of Engineering with a degree in Computer Science and an MS in Information Security.

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Irene Gordon

Vice President, Training

Irene Gordon oversees Analytic Partners’ North Star Academy which provides skills development and training for both AP staff and clients. Irene works with subject matter and industry experts to ensure North Star Academy’s programs develop expert data scientists. Irene has 20+ years of experience building and managing training programs for software and services organizations including Vitech Systems Group and Goldman Sachs. Irene has an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business.

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Rafael Perez

Chief People Officer

Rafael Perez leads the global human resources function at Analytic Partners, overseeing key business drivers such as talent acquisition, employee experience, and leadership development. Rafael joined AP with over 20 years of experience in diverse industries such as financial services, CPG, and tech. Rafael is a Cornell University ILR graduate, and has a passion for creating environments where talented people achieve their potential as knowledge workers and innovators.

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Mike Menkes

Senior Vice President - Global

Located at Analytic Partners' New York office, Mike Menkes has spent the past decade helping grow Analytic Partners global consulting services. Mike currently focuses on key global clients and corporate initiatives centered on delivering client service excellence. Mike has a keen interest in identifying breakthrough insights and implementing processes to help clients make use of advanced analytics.

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Fred Chassé

Senior VP - North America

Fred Chassé has been with Analytic Partners for over 10 years, and he manages AP’s Denver office. Fred is responsible for client relationships across a number of industries with a wide range of analytic services. Fred is experienced in implementing complex analytic programs in organizations large and small. Fred is known for consistently driving marketing ROI improvements for many of AP’s clients.

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Spencer Tilley

Senior Vice President - EMEA

Spencer Tilley leads Analytic Partners' EMEA operations from the AP Dublin office. Spencer possesses 20+ years of experience in measuring marketing effectiveness and ROI for many of the world’s leading brands. Spencer started his career with McCann Erickson, where he pioneered advanced modeling techniques to understand and quantify the media impact on brands.

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Aaron Baker

Managing Director - Singapore

Aaron Baker is based in Singapore and focuses on South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Aaron is responsible for leading project teams to successfully execute marketing effectiveness engagements. He has over 14 years of global consulting experience and specializes in econometric modeling, marketing optimization, and dynamic results reporting.

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Troy Yang

Managing Director - Hong Kong

Troy Yang leads Analytic Partners' Hong Kong office where he heads a multicultural and multilingual team dedicated to Greater China, Japan, and South Korea. Over the past 15 years, Troy has managed successful marketing and analytic consulting operations in the US and in Asia, including engagements with BASES, Nielsen, and The Monitor Group.

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Paul Sinkinson

Vice President - Australia

Paul Sinkinson is responsible for the Australian operations at Analytic Partners. With over 15 years of analytics experience, Paul has worked across many of Australia’s leading brands in Finance, FMCG, Logistics, and Travel. Paul has a passion for reducing the complexity of the fragmented marketing environment to create clear pathways for growth.

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