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Binet, Ritson, Sinkinson: Consumer Behavior Has Shifted – Has Your Media Mix Shifted Too?

analytic partners
analytic partners 10.15.2020

At some point during the past 8 months, most companies found themselves in a world turned upside down. They had to deal with a situation unlike any other before. For some, the drastic change in consumer behavior was for the good, for others not so much. No matter what end they were on, what made the difference in how they emerged from the crisis stage was the speed at which they adapted to a new environment in order to stabilize their business.


Successful companies acknowledged this situation not as a crisis, but as an opportunity to reevaluate their activities, take advantage of new media consumption patterns and emerge even stronger than before. They have managed to adjust to the settled new norms and are actively preparing for short- and long-term growth with a holistic approach that involves all stakeholders. Experiments and test & learn have become part of their everyday toolkit to cope with external factors changing on a frequent level.


Analytic Partners’ MD Paul Sinkinson recently chatted with Les Binet and Mark Ritson on Think with Google ANZ about lessons from 2020 and the importance of balancing your media mix for short- and long-term growth for sustainable revitalization.


Key Takeaways from the session:

  • Good creative doesn’t wear out
  • Reach is king - and it’s omnichannel
  • Make use of media synergies


Watch the full recording on Think with Google to find out how to revitalize your brand.

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