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Leveraging Unified Measurement Within an Adaptive Framework in Travel and Hospitality

preeti croke
preeti croke 08.09.2017

A client of ours in the competitive travel and hospitality industry is a perfect example of how great things happen for sophisticated marketers who leverage unified measurement to drive ROIs higher.  Working within an adaptive framework, they have achieved consistently strong gains for the past six years.  “Client A” is an example that can serve as a kind of blueprint, applicable in nearly any industry.


The marketing group at Client A has always been open to innovation.  When they first partnered with Analytic Partners, we established a foundation based on their initial need for marketing mix modeling.  These efforts lead to a top-down strategic clarity that resulted in strong quarterly gains in ROI, every year, for many years.  Also, during this time, we evolved as true partners with the Client A team, building strong relationships.


Not ones to be satisfied with “good” when “great” is within reach, we worked together to integrate the tactical granularity of multi-touch attribution into strategic context established through marketing mix to take a unified approach to their measurement.


The Logical Progression

Consumers typically explore numerous options when planning a trip.  That exploration is often a cross-channel, multi-device journey, using one or more smart phones, tablets, and desktops.  This means multi-touch attribution across devices can yield important information to marketers.


Historically, it was impossible to track the customer journey across devices.  Marketers couldn’t get a clear picture of their customer or accurately determine the efficacy of their digital tactics.  Almost by default, the last touch before a conversion was assigned full credit.  Often, this last touch was performed on a desktop, so the assistance from mobile touches could go largely uncredited, even though it was logical to assume the mobile influence was significant.


Today, Analytic Partners leverages de-duplication resources to identify multiple devices that are related to each other and connected to an individual user.  Tracking millions of data points, Client A now benefits from accurate multi-touch attribution knowledge, delivered within the daily timeframes that digital supports.


Unified Measurement

Media buys are now optimized in the larger context of their evolving strategic goals, defined through Analytic Partners adaptive combination of marketing mix modeling and multi-touch attribution.  It is an adaptive, unified blend that is tailored to their changing needs.


For example, Client A recently looked at their high number of offline conversions and asked how they can move a significant percentage of that population to online.  Further, they are examining ways to drive online conversions directly to their site, shifting the focus away from online travel agencies such as Travelocity and Expedia.


With an adaptive framework that leverages the unified measurement already in place, this new strategic context can now include a granular, digital campaign to achieve these goals.


Benefits of an adaptive, unified measurement platform include:

  • See a clear picture of the customer’s full journey
  • Capture the granular details that illuminate the larger trends, viewed through the lens of quantified external factors
  • Adjust strategic goals to accommodate different customer groups
  • Improve ROI


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