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New ROI Genome Report Addendum Released: Halo Effects on Portfolio Advertising

Michael Sablone
Michael Sablone 12.06.2017

As a follow-up to our very popular ROI Genome: Marketing Intelligence Report 2017, Analytic Partners has a released an addendum report on Halo Effects in Portfolio Advertising. This new report covers important topics around Halo effects - how advertising for one product can influence sales for others in a portfolio.


When you advertise across multiple products or services, that advertising can create an interaction across offerings – due to a “halo” effect. This report is geared to help you learn how this concept can increase ROIs and be leveraged to optimized portfolio advertising spending.


Depending on how the products or services are related we see different ways halo can work. In addition the consistency of message and quality of messaging impact halo significantly.


Halo Effects in Portfolio Advertising ROI Genome Report


To uncover the core drivers of positive halo, a thorough investigation of the ROI Genome’s collection of metrics and insights was conducted. Based on Analytic Partners' examination of thousands of cases, we have developed recommendations and “Halo Principles” that drive halo and improve ROI. ROI Genome is an evolving endeavor to create marketing wisdom from accumulated numbers and knowledge. By understanding and quantifying how a wide range of factors impact marketing performance, Analytic Partners provides context and perspective for our clients.


Want to know how to make Halo work for you?

Download this report to learn more about Halo principles and how to leverage them for your advertising. Halos are just one of many factors that affect your marketing effectiveness. Contact Analytic Partners to learn how insights from ROI Genome can help you increase ROI and better understand your customers.