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Report: Emerging Media Outperforms Traditional Media

analytic partners
analytic partners 11.18.2019

NEW YORK, NY – Investment in emerging media channels has the potential to net advertisers greater ROI, although the best way forward is still a mix of both emerging and tried-and-true channels.


That’s according to, ROI Genome Marketing Intelligence Report: Staying Ahead of Emerging Media, a report released today by Analytic Partners, the global, independent leader in analytics. Assessing the growing ROI opportunities in addressable TV and alternative video (e.g. OTT), streaming audio and influencer marketing among others, the report findings support a diversified multi-channel strategy that allows plenty of room for the new players on the field.


“When it comes to emerging media, there is a huge potential upside in getting in, experimenting, and getting it right early on, especially as brands can take advantage of the low costs in these spaces,” explained Mike Menkes, senior vice president, Analytic Partners. “Battle-tested channels, such as linear TV – which still has the greatest reach of them all – have not been abandoned by consumers and continue to play a strong foundational role in media plans. Brands need to test and optimize to strike the right balance between traditional and emerging media opportunities.”


Analytic Partners has found that the efficiency of newer ad-supported audio and video media platforms tend to be just as strong or stronger than more traditional alternatives. In experimental areas like podcasts and influencer marketing, the report finds that relevance and context are two of the most crucial considerations.


Ultimately, the path forward for brands is clear in this report: any decision made regarding emerging media should be made with experimentation and iteration in mind, trusting that on average, these activities tend to perform well. When balanced with a comprehensive media strategy, these channels offer an exciting opportunity for brands to carve out their own niche.


ROI Genome Marketing Intelligence Report: Staying Ahead of Emerging Media is available for download. To learn more and read the report, visit:


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