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We’re looking for smart, talented, hardworking professionals dedicated to the same high standards of quality and performance that define our company. Employment with Analytic Partners means working with prestigious clients, and the opportunity for international assignments across a variety of marketing and predictive analytics challenges. We maintain a collaborative, team-oriented environment and invest in our people so you can grow personally and professionally right along with our business.


NorthStar Academy Bootcamp

AP’s vision for marketing measurement & optimization space begins with our people – educating and empowering them to create value and innovate is the key to growth for our clients and ourselves.  We have intentionally focused on creating agility through our training and technology.  Our education focus for clients and our team goes beyond training on how to use our GPS Enterprise platform. Our NorthStar Academy Bootcamp is designed to grow data scientists and inspire a value-creation mindset.



Roles at Analytic Partners

The growth of Analytic Partners is made possible through the growth of our people.  We focus on strong development of our employees through ongoing training, a wide variety of client opportunities across industries and analytic approaches, and a corporate culture centered on meritocracy.

Below you will find an overview of different roles within our team.  Please visit our job openings for a list of current openings and application details.

Marketing Science Analyst

Marketing Science Analyst

Analysts at AP are integral to the project team and involved in the complete project cycle, from data processing to presentation delivery. Analysts support AP’s processes and help lead dataset preparation, statistical modeling, insights generation, and presentation development, working closely with their managers. Analysts are trained extensively on data processing, advanced statistical analysis, and are involved with day-to-day discussions with AP’s clients.

Day in the Life

  • 9am: Check email and align on goals for the week with manager
  • 9:30am: Finalize Client Y statistical sales models, ensuring that AP quality control guidelines are met
  • 11:30am: Meet with fellow team member to align on consistencies and differences in preliminary analysis insights
  • 12:30pm: Lunch at local restaurant to welcome newest team member to AP
  • 1:30pm: Follow-up with Client Y’s media agency to confirm media financials
  • 2pm: Attend presentation delivery training session led by seasoned team member
  • 4pm: Meet with manager to align on key takeaways from Client Y analysis and outline the upcoming presentation
  • 4:30pm: Phone call with Client Y’s strategic insights contact to discuss changes in next year’s marketing plan

Analytic Partners provides a remarkable environment for me to grow. The expansion of our office in Hong Kong is creating unique learning and business opportunities, and it’s exciting to be on the frontier of our company, breaking new ground. Every day I’m inspired by AP’s leadership and the people I work with.

— Agnes, Senior Marketing Science Analyst, Hong Kong



Consultants at Analytic Partners take ownership of key phases of the project, including modeling and analysis but also going beyond this to include client contact, presentation development and training of AP analysts. Consultants are able to proactively manage projects from start to finish; including aligning deadlines for internal quality control of analytics and presentation drafts. Consultants use their experience to train and develop team members, deliver strong client service, and manage the project process.

Day in the Life

  • 9am: Status with team analysts regarding Client X media data preparation
  • 10am: Check-in with Client Y to pre-share Working Session presentation in advance of next week’s meeting with the cross-functional team
  • 12pm: Team lunch at local restaurant to celebrate successful delivery of recent project
  • 1pm: Lead 7-month Analyst training session on S-Curve Theory and Application
  • 3:30pm: Phone call with Client Y to discuss agenda for Marketing Mix Training Session to be delivered to brand teams
  • 3:45pm Coffee Break in the kitchen
  • 4pm: Discuss feedback from Client Y with team and align on tasks for integration into the analysis and presentation
  • 5pm: Begin developing capabilities presentation due next week
  • 7pm: Happy Hour with colleagues

As a Consultant, one of the more enjoyable parts of my role is working with clients from different markets and cultures. At AP, it’s never boring – I get the chance to delve into a variety of projects, in a variety of industries. I am always learning. AP has also given me a fantastic opportunity to visit countries and cities across EMEA.

— Justine, Consultant, Dublin

Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant

The Senior Consultant position has full client and project responsibility. Senior Consultants take on a leadership role within a project team, working with junior and senior team members to develop and deliver analyses and projects with excellence. This spans data collection, modeling, and creating comprehensive and insightful presentations. The Senior Consultant will manage a team of skilled professionals to help clients grow their business while improving marketing effectiveness and efficiency. Senior Consultants generally have 4+ years of experience, strong project management skills, and are responsible for overseeing multiple team members across different phases of a project. Senior Consultants also help drive and facilitate knowledge sharing and process improvement efforts by collaborating across teams and offices.

Day in the Life

  • 9am: Breakfast meeting to brainstorm potential for expansion of new client solutions
  • 10am: Team meeting to align on objectives for the week, regarding building of multiple presentations for client Z, and align on general story lines
  • 11am:  Begin building global meta-analysis on promotional principles for client Z
  • 12pm:   Advanced Analytics ‘Lunch-and-Learn’ led by senior staff member
  • 1pm:  Write proposal regarding digital attribution study for new potential client
  • 3pm:  Interview potential new analyst
  • 4pm: Review models with team member; talk through general results and help with sense-checking and refining model results
  • 5pm: Status call with client to align on travel arrangements for next week’s Final Presentations
  • 7pm:  Softball Game with Analytic Partners team

As a Senior Consultant, I have had great experiences not only leading a team of hard-working, devoted individuals, but also working with a variety of clients across a wide range of industries. The most beneficial part for me of working across many different industries is gaining different perspectives and being able to apply learnings across clients, ensuring well-rounded and comprehensive client service.

— Joshua, Senior Consultant, New York



The Director position has full client, project and team responsibility. They are responsible for ensuring AP continuously delivers client service excellence and superior analytic solutions and insights for its clients. From a leadership perspective, Directors are responsible for the growth and development of their team across both technical and consultative areas, as well as driving knowledge sharing and process improvement efforts across their team and the organization as a whole. Directors are also responsible for creating analytic plans, building capability presentations, crafting research proposals, managing resources, and helping balance P&Ls. Directors can effectively leverage and manage a team of 5+ Analysts and Consultants, but are also able to “roll up their sleeves” and personally support project work right alongside the team. Directors generally have 6+ years of consultative expertise, strong leadership and project management skills, and the ability to communicate and collaborate with all levels of management and staff.

Day in the Life

  • 8am: Global meeting across New York, Europe and Asia-Pacific offices to align on status of ongoing projects for Client Y
  • 10am: Meeting to discuss upcoming projects and to help identify potential gaps and identify staff to support client needs
  • 12pm: Pick up cupcakes for team member’s birthday
  • 1pm: Put together project plan for next month to help team members with setting internal deadlines and aligning on timelines
  • 3pm: Meet with new client to discuss scope options and capabilities for a study on price gap and pricing curves
  • 4pm: Performance review with Consultant on team to discuss goals for next year and potential opportunities for growth
  • 6pm: Review current project billing to assess if team is on track to meet revenue goals

Working as a Director at Analytic Partners has allowed me unmatched business opportunities and career growth in my tenure here. On a daily basis, my work is engaging, challenging, and impactful. And, I get to work with some extraordinary people around the world, both within Analytic Partners and through client relationships

— Kristin, Director, Charlottesville



Developers at Analytic Partners are involved in the full cycle of product development, including Requirements Analysis, Software Design, Implementation, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance. Analytic Partners encourages Developers to be responsible for delivering complete business features, rather than piecemeal technical components as typical in large organizations. All developers have full exposure to UI, Database and Backend Engine development. AP software applications include cutting edge planning solutions for clients as well as productivity enhancing applications for internal consultants.

Day in the Life

8:30am: Review server status and usage reports. Ensure all applications are up and running.

9am: Check emails and the R&D tracking system.

9:30am: Brainstorm with the team on technology and innovation options.

11am: Write code to implement new features on our client facing web application.

12:30pm: Out to lunch with the R&D team to celebrate a new software release.

1:30pm: Meet with the project and IT teams for feedback on the modeling platform.

2pm: Write new SQL stored procedures, views and client side code for a new function in our modeling platform.

5pm: Deploy code to our development site using our automated build application.

6pm: Head to the airport to catch a flight for a client meeting.

The R&D team has afforded everyone in our group a great opportunity to learn cutting edge technologies that puts Analytic Partners above our competition. Our integrated team enables a collaborative working experience that is unmatched by any other company I have worked for. Working at AP is both challenging and rewarding and has positioned me for a lifetime of continued success.

— Shawn, Senior Developer, New York

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