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Financial Services Provider Finds Insights and Results with Unified Measurement

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A financial services company with limited visibility into the efficacy of their digital efforts worked with Analytic Partners to build a unified approach to marketing measurement.

Analytic Partners helped the client take a holistic approach to planning and reporting so the brand could better understand their customers and how different marketing tactics affected conversions. The results uncovered a 13% increase in media ROI.


Our client is a financial services company who has been increasing online media investment as digital grew in importance. The client had limited visibility into incrementality or efficiency of online activity. They also lacked a clear view into the impact of digital media on offline channels.

To understand their customers better and improve results, the client sought to quantify the impact of digital across sales channels, optimize digital activity beyond last click and uncover a single version of the truth.


Analytic Partners provided a Unified Measurement approach to bring together a holistic business and customer view. This Unified approach leveraged Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) to capture incrementality and quantify the impact of online and offline marketing activities on all sales channels, as well as Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) to inform tactical digital planning.This provided the client one version of the truth, which uncovered actionable insights including:

Digital had a strong impact across channels.
Reported digital ROI was significantly higher when capturing impacts on offline channels.
Online applications and conversions were driven by both offline and online factors.
TV had both an indirect and direct impact on applications across channels.

Analytic Partners worked closely with the client and its agencies to deliver a holistic picture of campaign results.


By bringing together MTA and MMM in a Unified Measurement framework, Analytic Partners was able to deliver insights that allowed the client to take a holistic approach in planning and reporting. Offline and online projections could be forecasted together and media plans were rethought to generate more synergy across all channels.


“Analytic Partners provided the most comprehensive post-campaign reports we’ve ever seen.”

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