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Hospitality Brand Validates Unified Measurement Results To Drive Internal Adoption

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A global hospitality company leveraged Analytic Partners Unified Measurement to identify and optimize standard digital activities such as key driver of search queries, site visits and bookings. Following a leadership change, banner ads’ performance was questioned. By proposing a PSA test, designed and conducted in a joint effort with the client and their agency, Analytic Partners provided deeper insights and validation, and ultimately restored confidence in the analyses and chosen tactics.


Analytic Partners has been working with the client, one of the world’s largest hospitality companies, since 2010 with an evolving Unified Measurement program that includes Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA). The resulting insights drove significant growth in ROIs, particularly in digital display.

With an increasing year-over-year ROI for display, the business continued to increase spend. Given the strong investment in this tactic, there was a need for internal validation – to drive executive buy-in for the analytics, as well as inform the marketing strategy.


Analytic Partners coordinated with the client and their agencies to orchestrate a test and control “PSA Test.” Two discrete audiences were served different ads to measure the incremental impact of display. The test group was served the typical display ad while the control group received a PSA (public service announcement).

While A/B tests can be a clean way to measure incrementality they can be costly and require significant effort to keep groups uncontaminated and unbiased. However, the close collaboration between Analytic Partners, the client and their agency ensured a well-designed test, clean execution and valid outcome – with an extremely low contamination rate of 5%.


The results closely aligned with predicted ROI results from Analytic Partners’ Unified Measurement. The test also allowed for a further understanding of the synergy between different tactics as it uncovered the increased brand interactions of the test group through the marketing funnel. The client was able to use these insights to further educate internal groups and continue to adopt a unified measurement approach to drive business decisions and evaluate media performance.


“The test allowed for further understanding of the synergy between different tactics as it uncovered the increased brand interactions through the marketing funnel. The client used these insights to drive adoption for a unified measurement approach.”

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