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Live Models Double Marketing ROI with Speed to Insight

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Our client, a large multi-national company, was benefiting from a robust Commercial Mix Modeling framework that went beyond Marketing Mix Modeling to include greater granularity and deep understanding of the total business. Facing a dynamically changing environment with high competition and the need for continuous experimentation, the client required always-on business insights capabilities to fuel competitive advantage. Analytic Partners and the client worked closely to create a framework for Live Models to allow the client to continuously optimize.


Our client’s existing commercial mix modeling program had a strong history, serving as the central marketing ROI measurement framework and the basis for future-focused planning and budgeting decisions. However, the client’s tools for real-time performance lacked always-on business insights to allow the client to continuously optimize their efforts.


Analytic Partners introduced a LIVE Model framework that allowed for “real-time” insights as data is made available. Two key success enablers were defined, strategically planned out and executed:


  1. Revamping the Data Infrastructure to feed models with fast, high-class data
  2. Balancing Speed and Depth of cadence with on-demand and scheduled support


By leveraging services integrated with GPS Enterprise, Analytic Partners’ proprietary technology, Live Models fundamentally changed the way the client leveraged marketing measurement.


Analytic Partners’ Live Models provided always-on insights to inform business decisions and continuously optimize their marketing efforts in addition to on-demand analytic support for real-time / right time decision-making. Insights delivered led to changes in communication plans that drove profit for the organization and doubled marketing ROI.

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