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Retail Brand Evolves Measurement with CMA Live

Faced with slow and inaccurate measurement, a retail client sought to evolve beyond siloed marketing measurement. Analytic Partners provided a holistic CMA Live solution that included Commercial Mix Analytics with “always-on” Live Models that drove adoption, collaboration and growth.


Our client, a large retail chain, faced roadblocks to meet their desire to evolve into a data-driven organization and sought to overcome the baggage of historically slow and inaccurate insights and the resulting skepticism. Previous solutions resulted in limited cross-functional collaboration and “marketing-only” tools that made it difficult to reach consensus and communicate impact.


To address these challenges, build organizational trust, and drive adoption of data-driven decisioning, Analytic Partners developed a CMA Live program for the client that included Commercial Mix Analytics and Live Modeling. The program transformed the organization’s approach to measurement and analytics, going from annual insights that were dated and not actionable to “always-on” models.


By transitioning to a holistic Commercial Mix Analytics solution with real-time, right-time results, the client was able to transform from backward looking gut-feel planning to forward looking data-driven decisioning that delivered $100 million in annual impact.

$100 million in annual impact through:

  • 25%increase in media effectiveness and ROI
  • 14%increase in marketing-driven visits
  • 12Mmore physical and digital visits annually

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