Retail Company Overcomes Data Challenges with Futureproofed Measurement

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Retail Company Overcomes Data Challenges with Future-proofed Measurement

A retail company with multiple brands sought to overcome data challenges and move past a disappointing MTA deployment. Analytic Partners leveraged a Commercial Mix Analytics solution that uncovered opportunities for incremental $30 million in sales and increases in ROI by 20%, while keeping budget steady.


Our client, a retail company with multiple brands, had been running MTA historically but the analysis wasn’t delivering value. Insights were incomplete, surprisingly slow, and delivered questionable results that didn’t align with actual business performance. Data deprecation, due to walled gardens, privacy regulations and consumer behavior, added to challenges and reduced coverage. Finally, the business struggled to grow as new customer acquisition was on severe downward trend. All this was happening as the client faced unprecedented disruptions that necessitated the ability to adapt quickly.


To overcome the challenges of backward-looking solutions that rely on an incomplete top-down/bottomup approach, Analytic Partners leveraged a Commercial Mix Analytics solution – CMA On Demand. CMA provided a unified and comprehensive decisioning system for strategic and tactical results with both granular customer and full business views. Analytic Partners’ GPS Enterprise platform was used to integrate data, build models and support data-driven decisioning. The client benefited from a forward-looking modeling and decisioning framework that focused on providing results and change management in three major areas:


  • Identifying underutilized investment areas
  • Driving new customers
  • Maintaining successful loyalty drivers


The client was able to future proof their measurement. optimize to drive new sales while simultaneously increasing existing customer sales both online and instore. Through accurate, holistic and impactful analytics, the client improved organizational adoption of datadriven decisioning and analytics. The organization and its agencies were able to rely on a single source of truth for strategy and decisions, rather than disparate siloes of information. The client uncovered opportunities for an additional $30 million in sales and increases in ROI by 20%, all while keeping spend static. This opportunity included a rejuvenated $ 13 million growth in new customer acquisition, reversing the previous downward trend.

Commercial Mix Analytics delivered:

  • 20%increase in ROI within same spend
  • $30Mincrease in sales
  • $13Mgrowth in new customer acquisition

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