A specialty home goods brand with a highly seasonal business worked with Analytic Partners to optimize their marketing investment during the four-month window when they see most of their sales.

Analytic Partners used an adaptive approach to help the brand reach their customers at the right time by understanding how weather infuenced the performance of advertising, resulting in a strategy to improve ROI by 30%.


Our client is a major specialty home goods brand with highly seasonal products. With a short window of four months to market to customers and make the majority of sales, every touch point matters. The brand also was challenged by a limited customer view, as most sales are of ine and are through retailers.


Analytic Partners sought to provide a holistic view of the client’s business to uncover opportunities for growth in this short time window. When leveraging Analytic Partners’ ROI Genome intelligent benchmarking, it was revealed that digital display advertising was underperforming.

Further analysis uncovered there was a close connection between ad performance and weather conditions. By analyzing a wide range of raw weather metrics, the team identi ed three key metrics, which were combined to create meaningful weather “profiles” to mimic a consumer’s experience of weather. By uncovering optimal profiles, the team was able to identify opportunity to reduce ad wastage during suboptimal conditions.

With this knowledge, the team developed in-depth decision trees for every climate region across country. These decision trees were then used in bid optimization and deploying dynamic creative.


Analytic Partners discovered that in optimal conditions the brand could see a 4-10x increase in digital ad performance. By optimizing bids and creative to take advantage of weather conditions, Analytic Partners was able to deliver a strategy to increase ROI by +30% annually.