Analytic Adoption Through Change Management

Turning Data into Expertise

Marketers need to measure and analyze marketing performance to remain competitive. However, most enterprises making the investment to adopt analytics have found that the greatest barrier to adoption of data driven decision is organizational buy-in. When analytics insights are delivered but not leveraged it is an enormous missed opportunity, representing tens of millions of dollars in impact.

A Roadmap to Success

To overcome these challenges and to build credibility with internal leaders and partners, marketers must better understand their business needs and tailor a measurement road map and business case to guide themselves toward more effective performance measurement. This capability helps you and your marketing organization progress toward more accurate, comprehensive, and insightful analytics.

analytic adoption value

 Analytic Insights Are the Beginning, Not the End

Analytics are a discipline, not a deliverable. By helping our clients transform into data-driven organizations we can drive impacts that go beyond single projects to true analytical expertise across the business that creates value for years to come.

Capability Enablement to Realize Full Program Value

To overcome the challenges businesses face and to build credibility within an organization, marketers must tailor a measurement road map and business case to guide themselves toward more effective performance measurement. Analytic Partners Change Management for Analytic Adoption guides our clients to enable marketing measurement capabilities by overcoming these organizational barriers to realize business results faster and more meaningfully, leading to improved marketing ROI.

Change Management for Business Impact

Training & Education for a Value-Creation Mindset
NorthStar Academy is the core of our training and education program to enable and empower a value-creation mindset. Through instructor-led and self-paced learning, Analytic Partners enables internal teams to translate data into optimized action by leveraging marketing analytics to make more effective decisions on investment and budget allocation.
Leadership Consulting to Drive Organizational Impact
Our experienced leadership team can act as an extension of your team -a valued partner and trusted advisor. Together we can create a framework for business performance by identifying data requirements and developing scorecards aligned with internal KPIs.

Our business experts craft training and assess opportunities to drive the most impact. By embedding analytics into business planning we break down silos across your organization.

Marketing Intelligence to Identify Impact Opportunities
ROI Genome is an ongoing and evolving endeavor to understand the “whys” behind marketing performance. The innovative solution leverages 19 years of context and perspective to provide value assessments, forecast ROIs, uncover opportunities and support business planning.

Using this innovative solution we can identify “the size of the prize” and drive real improvements to your bottom line – both short and long term.