Multi-Touch Attribution

Optimize your media channels

Media fragmentation is increasing, the digital space is constantly evolving, and multi-screen interactions are changing consumer behavior

Media fragmentation is increasing, the digital space is constantly evolving, and consumers interact with multiple screens and devices. Marketers need to understand the complex customer journey and be able to optimize digital executions for increased response. However, Multi-touch Attribution (MTA) has faced many challenges due to data access, walled gardens, and blind spots.

Analytic Partners has developed a patent-pending behavior-segmented probabilistic approach to MTA: that we call Touchpoint Analytics. Touchpoint Analytics was developed to address the data challenges marketers face including noisy data and missing channels/touchpoints from walled gardens and blind spots. This is achieved with a proprietary profiling algorithm that filters out noise with probabilistic discrete choice models. In addition, all models are validated for model strength through our unique validation matrix and Cooperative Game Theory calculates incremental conversion probability of each activity.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Overall Sales Contributions

Digital Sales Contributions

Detailed Digital Attribution

% of Total Sales Driven by Tactic

% of Digital Sales Driven by Tactic

% of Digital Sales Driven by Tactic & Execution

Analytic Partners’ Touch Point Analytics delivers accurate credit to each media channel

While Touchpoint Analytics on its own may give you insights into specific addressable touchpoints, it cannot assess offline media spend or produce holistic ROI insights. Analytic Partners Touch Point Analytics leverages foundational Commercial Mix Models to more accurately project to business ROIs as part of a Unified Measurement approach so that marketers can benefit from a holistic non-biased view of their business.

We answer your questions:

  • How much is each channel impacting sales?
  • What is the optimal spend allocation across our online and offline marketing channels?
  • How is our offline marketing impacting online, and vice versa?
  • What is the optimal timing of activities, given factors such as cross-channel synergies, seasonality, and competitive tactics?
  • Are there any opportunities to improve execution by market/region, by customer segment?
  •  What is the role of PR, Sponsorships and Word of Mouth in the decision process?
  • What is the ROI by different match types (Exact/Phrase/Broad)?
  • What are the most efficient Display Ad formats, websites, and sizes?
  • How effective and efficient are our retargeting efforts?
  • What are the marginal returns on our investments?
  • What is the optimal number of ad exposures?
  • What is the frequency cap by partner?