Customer Segmentation

Understand your customer to improve ROI

Defining Customer Segments to Enhance Marketing ROI

Our Customer Segmentation analyses leverage advanced analytics to help provide a holistic understanding of the traits and attributes that define the different types of customers within your customer base. Our analyses identify and separate your customer base into distinct groups with common characteristics to help you gain a deeper understanding of the profile of each segment, as well as to uncover the significant similarities and differences between the behavior and demographics of each segment. The end result is to help inform business planning and marketing decisions to improve overall business performance.

Armed with insights from our segmentation research, you can create advertising and promotional plans, support product development and pricing initiatives, and develop tailored customer contact practices that will improve your customers’ experience and result in greater sales and profit from each segment. Improving your Customer Relationship Management and optimizing your CRM strategy starts with understanding your customer base.



Conducting Customer Segmentation to Improve Marketing Strategies

By conducting advanced statistical modeling on transactional and appended data, our analyses uncover and divide your customer base into distinct groups based on shared characteristics, such as customer needs, transaction history, profitability, as well as many other client-specific dimensions and/or go-to-market strategies. AP is also able to enhance segmentation analyses with online user-level behavior data to further refine and expand segmentation insights as consumers continue to shop and interact more online. As a result of these insights, you’ll be able to prioritize and target customer segments, and establish the appropriate and most meaningful communication positioning for each segment. You will also be able to leverage insights from our customer or demographic segmentation research to provide products, services, and promotions that are most relevant to each customer segment – and most likely to increase your business in both the short-term and long-term.

Our customer segmentation research creates the vital insights necessary for you to focus on your most profitable customer segments throughout the customer lifecycle – from acquisition to cross-sell and long-term retention. As such Customer Segmentation Analyses help guide the allocation of your company CRM resources in order to deliver the greatest marketing and sales ROI.

We answer your questions

  • What are my customer segments and how are they defined?
  • How many distinct groups do we serve – and how are they different?
  • What customer segments deliver the most revenue and profit?
  • What products and services appeal to which customer segments?
  • How can I tailor communication to better address customers needs?
  • Which consumers tend to shop/interact exclusively online and why?
  • How and where should I leverage my customer loyalty program further?

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