An end-to-end solution from data to decisioning.

Technology to turn data into expertise.

GPS Enterprise, Analytic Partners’ proprietary technology platform, delivers comprehensive end-to-end data integration, multi-dimensional modeling and deep, forward-looking insights to help companies answer complex business questions to drive data-driven decision making. With capabilities across data, analytics and decisioning, GPS Enterprise is a holistic, transparent platform delivering real-time value. Powerful decisioning tools help to plan, optimize, forecast and wargame to maximize value. Across media, channels, route to market, brands, portfolios, or across regions, with our adaptive intelligence, you can forecast, optimize and balance using multiple KPIs based on business needs. Scenario planning provides full granularity to optimize at multiple levels – within or across marketing channels and campaigns – to enable data-driven decision making.


In The Forrester WaveTM Marketing Measurement and Optimization Q1 2022, Analytic Partners received the highest score in the Technology Platform criterion.

ADAPTA - data platform


Ingest, assess, score, and cleanse data for analytics and decisioning.


Uncover key business drivers and growth levers for marketing and beyond.


Forecast, plan, war-game & optimize to maximize value.

Marketing Intelligence

Data and insights that go beyond benchmarking
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NorthStar Academy - learning and enablement

NorthStar Academy is our learning platform and enablement team that educates and empowers marketers in how to fully integrate analytics across an organization.


Data-Driven Decision Making

GPS Decisioning module, PROPHET, brings together the data, analytics, and modeling for everything you need to make data-driven decisions for business impact. GPS Enterprise offers powerful, adaptive planning capabilities from a strategic lens, a tactical lens, or even by campaigns. Whether across brand portfolios or across regions, you can optimize and balance using multiple KPIs to forecast results and optimize your spend. Helio, our weather-based demand forecasting tool will actually quantify the impact of weather on business performance. Through scenario planning and Wargaming tools, you can prepare for any range of possible futures.


GPS Enterprise answers questions like:

  • How do I reduce budget while maintaining sales?




    • How can I optimize across my portfolio of brands or across regions?
    • What granular, tactical changes should I make within a specific channel in order to optimize it?
    • What are risks and opportunities associated with a scenario?

Let’s transform your business.