Analytic modeling to uncover key drivers for marketing and beyond.

Modeling Made for Always-On Insights

AMP streamlines and expedites workflows for building customized, fully-formed models – leveraging the assessed and cleansed data from ADAPTA for model output – seamlessly feeding the planning and optimization tools. This speed makes Analytic Partners’ Live Modeling possible – providing always-on insights to adapt quickly to changes and disruptions. AMP not only drives speed to insights, but it also does so while offering transparency into model results.

Holistic, Flexible, Multi-Dimensional Modeling

Analytic Partners core Commercial Mix Analytics offering is enabled by AMP’s ability to build holistic and multi-dimensional models that allow clients to view their business from multiple lenses without the need to create and run new models. As part of a holistic solution, AMP makes insights across tactical and strategic levels possible – including brand, operational, touchpoints, and customer analytics.



Robust Modeling

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AMP not only leverages the most advanced statistical modeling and solution algorithm options, but also adopts the most robust environment settings and configurations to overcome computational challenges and precision errors. Analytic Partners team are experts in modeling, and it shows in our science and technology.


Analytics to Power
Data-Driven Decisioning

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The models built and finetuned within AMP drive the planning, optimizations, and forecasting within PROPHET, the Decisioning solution in GPS Enterprise. By delivering on the promise of “always-on” models, our clients have the insights needed to support better, faster decisions.



GPS Enterprise

GPS Enterprise, Analytic Partners’ proprietary end-to-end platform, powers the Analytic Partners’ Commercial Decisioning System. The core of this system is Commercial Mix Analytics. Commercial Mix Analytics is a unified commercial decisioning system that incorporates brand, customer, operational, and touchpoint analytics to provide strategic and tactical results with both granular customer and full business views. It is a forward-looking modeling and decisioning framework that overcomes the limitations of other solutions.