Marketing Mix Modeling

Maximize your Marketing ROI

Custom Analytics to Improve your Sales Performance & Maximize Marketing Return on Investment

Through marketing mix modeling, we use advanced statistical techniques coupled with a deep understanding of your industry and market to measure the performance of your marketing mix. The Analytic Partners approach is customized to address your specific market, your unique brand, and your business challenges. We provide actionable insights to increase sales, market share, and marketing ROI.

We identify the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing programs and address your key issues with your media mix: traditional media, digital media, social media, price, promotions and other factors. We examine external influences such as competitive actions, seasonality and economic conditions to understand how these other factors impact your sales performance. The results of our marketing mix modeling are used to improve performance by improving the effectiveness of marketing and reallocating spending for increased marketing ROI.


Innovation and understanding the evolving digital ecosphere are key

Whether you call it new media, or social media, or digital, or screen convergence, we all agree that it is constantly evolving. With constantly changing media and data, our clients require a partner that has expertise in the Digital space. The Analytic Partners customized, consultancy-based approach means that our consultants have their fingers on the pulse of the changing media landscape. At Analytic Partners, we are immersed in Digital data, and we are uniquely positioned to evaluate and leverage new and evolving data sources.

Our ongoing commitment

As part of the Marketing Mix Modeling analysis process, Analytic Partners works with you to recommend changes to your marketing plans and to meet your business goals of improved revenue, sales and profit. Plus, as a commitment to our partnership and your long-term success, we will forecast, monitor, and periodically assess the impact of newly executed marketing plans to assess progress and continually improve top-line revenue and ROI.  In addition, our GPS Enterprise platform will provide you with your model specifications, key model insights, a business monitoring dashboard and tools for planning and optimization.

Technology to enable Media Mix Modeling: GPS Enterprise

Our GPS Enterprise Platform includes AMP, a custom-built predictive analytics workbench to manage and execute models.  Many Analytic Partners clients have multiple brands in multiple categories and sub-groupings, and therefore many clients require hundreds of Marketing Mix Models to be developed simultaneously. One possible, but short-sighted, reaction to the need for multiple, complex studies running simultaneously is model automation coupled with statistical short-cuts and model pooling to cut down on the time it takes to create a model.

Analytic Partners has rejected the short-cut, cookie-cutter approach, and has invested heavily in AMP to create a marketing modeling platform that automates work-flow while maintaining customized, fully-formed models.

Ease-of-use is imperative for both our clients and AP analysts, and AMP is built to be leveraged by both highly trained AP employees, and client-side analysts and modelers.

AMP has been developed in-house for our analysts and statisticians, and can be customized for any type of client. Analytic Partners’ experience is that the best models balance real world and evolving business challenges with a disciplined statistical approach. Additionally, effective modeling requires experienced oversight of data sources and data hygiene standards. Thus, while AMP is highly intuitive, modeling with AMP requires a fundamental level of knowledge and experience in working with the data, statistics, and analytic algorithms.

A key feature that we have embedded into the AMP platform is intelligent triggers that provide automatic call outs, watchouts, and recommendations based on both data configurations and model results. Thus, users experience assistance from the platform without any dumbing down of models.

Official Google Measurement Partner

Analytic Partners is among the first of a select set of companies Google has chosen to work with to improve the transparency and objectivity of measurement standards for the industry as a whole.

Official Facebook MMM Partner

Analytic Partners is proud to be among the first Facebook MMM Partners. This partnership provides direct access to enhanced data feeds. With direct access to this enhanced data, Analytic Partners can provide an even clearer picture of your overall marketing programs to improve performance and effectiveness.

Official Snap MMM Partner

Analytic Partners is a launch partner of this program and together with Snap provides marketers access to third-party measurement data in order to isolate and track specific Snapchat ad formats and their return on ad spend and sales lift. This partnership provides our clients who are Snapchat advertisers more flexibility and precision in measuring their campaigns.

Official Pinterest Measurement Partner

Pinterest has partnered with Analytic Partners to allow independent measurement of influence Pinterest has for online and offline sales. Analytic Partners can leverage Pinterest data to help marketers better understand and measure intent to uncover Pinterest’s role in driving incremental sales. With Analytic Partners, marketers can measure the impact Pinterest has on sales across the entire path to purchase, both on Pinterest itself and on other platforms.