Marketing Optimization

Make the most of your marketing budget

Optimization and Business Planning to make the most of your Marketing Budget

You strive to maximize sales and profit while operating within constraints such as finite budgets, defined marketing plans, and even limited production capabilities. Your challenge lies in determining how to measure performance and apply resources to achieve the greatest success and marketing ROI within real-world constraints.

Our Marketing Optimization services and tools can help improve efficiency and profitability by pinpointing the level of marketing activity required to maximize your sales and profit and minimize costs. Our approach leverages advanced econometric models that first determine the performance and ROI of your various marketing tactics. We then incorporate cost components and budget constraints to find the optimal allocation of resources in your portfolio to reach the required sales and profit goals.

Marketing Budget Optimization Example

+$28 million in additional revenue

with the same spend

Our marketing optimization tools help you plan budgets, manage multi-channels, create pricing strategies and produce optimal revenue for a single brand or across a portfolio of businesses and/or countries. We’re able to quantify the most profitable level of marketing and sales activities so you can be confident that every dollar spent is working its hardest for your business.

We Answer Your Questions

  • What is the highest level of revenue/profit we can achieve with the current marketing spending by re-allocating across tactics and maintaining our budget?
  • If we have to cut marketing expenditures by 5%, which component should we eliminate to have the least impact on our sales?
  • If we increased our marketing budget, what is the most profitable place to make additional investments?
  • Can we improve total revenue/profits by reallocating marketing or sales resources from one brand to another within a portfolio of products?
  • Can we improve global profit performance by moving marketing resources from one country to another geographic region?

GPS Enterprise, a predictive analytics platform for real-time guidance to drive more effective decisions and stronger results

Marketers face the continuous challenge of forecasting, planning and monitoring their business in a constantly changing market. Analytic Partners’ software solution suite, GPS Enterprise, provides marketers the toolset for faster, more accurate, and more profitable decision-making.

Offered in coordination with Marketing Mix Modeling and/or Multi-touch Attribution, GPS Enterprise provides a modeling workbench, big data dashboard, predictive planner, optimization and tracking tool.


GPS Enterprise is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering that has the following features:

  • Intelligent call-outs: Strategically placed call-outs based on customized algorithms to identify performance including gainers, losers, outliers, competitive activity, etc.
  • Custom Charting: Customized charting options – multiple types and views including the ability to adjust selections on pre-defined screens
  • Smart Navigation: Embedded links and drill-down capability to support a deeper understanding
  • Responsive design: Supports use across multiple screens including tablets and smartphones. Thin client to ensure quick loading and refreshing even on mobile devices.

GPS Enterprise is leveraged across industries to manage and monitor global businesses, align budgets, set and monitor business objectives, assess the risk and opportunities of marketplace and spending changes, and develop and track forecasts.  GPS Enterprise provides a transparent and accurate view of your business performance integrating Paid, Owned and Earned online and offline media, promotions, and other marketing with external factors.

Make better decisions faster and track the results of your actions as they are implemented with GPS Enterprise.  Analytic Partners GPS Enterprise solution will drive competitive advantage by:

  • Empowering decision makers to allocate resources more effectively
  • Enabling a deeper business understanding to weigh pros, cons, and cost-benefit associated with different decision trees
  • Running simulations to assess risks and opportunities
  • Speeding responsiveness to marketplace or competitive changes
  • Embedding Marketing Mix Model results into ongoing business planning and course-correction processes
  • Making the vision of ongoing decision support a reality
  • Measuring the true, bottom-line impact of traditional advertising, digital advertising (including search, display, mobile and social media), and their interactions.