Analytic Partners Quoted in 1to1 Magazine

September 23, 2013

Nancy Smith, President and CEO, shares tips for selling through social media.


For her article "7 Tips for Selling Through Social Media," 1to1 Magazine'sCynthia Clark reached out to Nancy Smith for advice on strategies to strengthen a company's social media advertising success.


"Companies are realizing that customers are increasingly becoming engaged in the conversation and looking at social media to drive sales for the business," Nancy advises.


Some of the tips include: researching what customers are saying on social media and identify the pain points; reaching out to customers over the same social channel; and finding the right time, and way, to engage.


However, above all else, Nancy states that organizations need to understand that effective social selling requires a continued effort. "You can't just put an ad on Facebook and you're done," she advises. "You have to work hard to drive engagement."


For more information on selling through social media, visit Analytic Partners' overview on Digital & Social Media ROI.