Analytic Partners published in Target Marketing

December 4, 2013

Dr. Shawna Thayer, Senior Director with Analytic Partners, provides tips for targeted marketing campaign success throughout the holiday season and beyond.


In her article "Beyond Black Friday," published in the December 2013 Target Marketing newsletter, Dr. Shawna Thayer shares tips on how marketers can maximize their promotion strategies while avoiding common pitfalls, particularly during the holiday season.


Dr. Thayer focuses on Deep Discounting, a strategy used by marketers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Though Deep Discounting can be a boon for a brand's seasonal sales, the tactic is problematic and can lead to inconsistent profitability throughout the year, and can tarnish a brand's image.


To combat Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deep Discounting pitfalls, Thayer recommends marketing alternatives such as incentivizing sans the price slashing. "Value proposition does not always equate to price," she explains. "Compelling offers may be centered on service, quality or limited supply as well."


Other alternatives Dr. Thayer suggests include rewarding best customers, creating urgency for mid-tier customers, and saving deep discounts for developing segments only. She contends: "There is ample opportunity within your targeted marketing program to go beyond a singular strategy."


You can read Dr. Thayer's full article here. To find out more about how Analytic Partners can help with your promotion strategy, visit our Promotional Effectiveness overview.