Analytic Partners Discusses World Cup Sponsorships with CNBC

July 7, 2014

Analytic Partners shares some marketing insights about sports sponsorship and the FIFA World Cup.


Reporting on FIFA World Cup Sponsorship for CNBC, Jacob Pramuk spoke with Nancy Smith, President and CEO of Analytic Partners, about the value of sports sponsorship to advertisers.


"Sponsorships can drive additional consumers if you're seeing your favorite player wearing a certain thing," Nancy advised.


Nancy mentioned an anecdote in which her son saw a soccer player wearing a pair of cleats and he "had to have them." As Nancy mentioned in a recent blog post, having an athlete wear your sports apparel can affect the consumers' path to purchase, thereby playing an integral part in increasing sales.


Additionally, Nancy advised on the importance of advertisers to be prudent with the teams and players that they choose to sponsor, since players and teams that advance in the World Cup will provide the most exposure.


"When you get down to the finals, there's a bigger bang for your buck," Nancy explained. "It can help if you sponsor a player who goes all the way through."

You can read more of CNBC's sports business coverage of the World Cup here.


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