Choice Hotels discusses how Analytic Partners helped them achieve optimal ad frequency

July 3, 2014

Neena Graham, Choice Hotels' Senior Director of Marketing Strategy Analytics, talks about AP's role in helping Choice Hotels improve its marketing program


WARC, reporting on the Advertising Research Foundation's Audience Measurement 9.0 conference, called out Neena Graham's discussion about how Analytic Partners was instrumental in helping Choice Hotels optimize ad frequency and institute a holistic marketing mix modeling approach.


"In our first few rounds of insights, we really learned that we were over-serving ads to certain users," Graham said at the conference. She explained how Analytic Partners helped Choice Hotels discover that it was running many small ads that were not having the desired impact. This discovery led to programmatic changes.


"We implemented frequency capping with specific partners, particularly from those that were programmatic, to boost efficiency and really make sure that we weren't wasting ads for no reason," Graham explained.


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