How To Beat The Ticking Digital ROI Clock

July 22, 2014

mprove the ROI on their digital advertising.


In her latest article at, "How To Beat The Ticking Digital ROI Clock," Maggie Merklin discusses digital ROI trends and the ways marketers can make more of their digital spend as they continue to invest more in the digital space.


"With the clock ticking on digital ROI," Merklin explains, "it’s time to try what we at Analytic Partners call the TIC3 approach–traditional media, integrated campaigns, creative strength, contextual relevancy, and cost management." Some of Merklin's key insights include:

  • "Counterintuitive as it might seem, offline media improves the performance of online media."
  • "Put your ads on the right sites. After creative, the most important factor in driving digital ROI is Web site relevancy."
  • "Turning on the “automatic” switch shouldn’t mean that you shut off your thinking. In order to reach your target audience, focus on context."


To read more of Merklin's advice to marketers, see her article at


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