Analytic Partners featured in Chinese Chamber of Commerce Magazine

October 19, 2015

AP Managing Director, Troy Yang, explains the future of television marketing in greater China


Analytic Partners' Troy Yang explores the future of television marketing in his article for the latest issue of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Magazine. In the article, Troy discusses the fragmentation of television watching in China, and how promotional efficiency can be achieved by leveraging the internet. With streaming devices and online viewing platforms growing, he explains that marketers must understand the relationship between media channels and viewing devices in order to get maximum marketing ROI.


Along with discussing the changing landscape of television marketing in China, Troy explains what the future of marketing looks like, and how companies can capitalize on new advantages in advertising.




Troy Yang's full article can be viewed at the CGCC's web site.


To learn more about how Analytic Partners can help your company maximize its marketing ROI in the face of media and channel fragmentation, please visit our discussion on Cross-Media Attribution.