Analytic Partners to Present on Word of Mouth and the ROI Genome Project at the Unleashing Data Summit in New York

October 26, 2015

SVP Maggie Merklin will take insights from the ROI Genome Project to reveal the relationship between Word of Mouth and the sales impact of TV campaigns

On October 28, 2015, Analytic Partners Senior Vice President Maggie Merklin, alongside Brad Fay of The Keller Fay Group, will present, "The ‘talk-ability’ of TV Ads: Key to Campaign Success," at the Unleashing Data Summit in New York City. The presentation will further explore Analytic Partners' landmark study on word of mouth (WOM) by utilizing data from theROI Genome Project and examining the integral role WOM plays in the effectiveness of television advertising. Insights to be discussed include the value of good creative in relation to WOM, and the factors that drive 'talk-ability' and in-market performance.


The Unleashing Data summits bring together the leading experts in multiple industries and across multiple departments to discuss the ideas and innovations that are changing the way businesses market to customers. For more information or to register for the New York Summit, please visit the Global Executive Events web site.