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Corporate Social Responsibility – How it Starts

May 16, 2017

A talk with Analytic Partners Senior Consultant Kauri Ballard about kicking off a successful Corporate Social Responsibility program at Analytic Partners

Successful businesses recognize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) -- initiatives to positively impact communities, society and the planet -- is an important priority.  While CSR efforts often focus on environmental sustainability, they also cover a broader spectrum of corporate good-citizenship.  At Analytic Partners, CSR is a global team effort.

[caption id="attachment_8252" align="alignright" width="133"] Kauri Ballard, based in Analytic Partners’ Sydney, Australia office[/caption]

We spoke with Kauri Ballard, based in Analytic Partners’ Sydney, Australia office, who was instrumental in founding the company’s CSR program.

What prompted you to want to start this kind of program at Analytic Partners ?

It was always a passion for me.  I volunteered throughout high school and college.  Before I joined Analytic Partners , I worked at a company in Australia and ended up heading the CSR committee there too.

When did you join Analytic Partners ?

I joined a little over five years ago.  Although there was no formalized Corporate Social Responsibility program at the time, there was a lot of interest among the analysts.  A lot of people were already volunteering or involved with great non-profits.  They welcomed the idea of doing more as a team through Analytic Partners.

So how did you get the ball rolling with Nancy?  (Nancy Smith is CEO and founder of Analytic Partners)

I was in a small group session that Nancy ran for new associate analysts.
When she asked if we had any feedback, I mentioned the idea of an AP CSR committee.  She was immediately receptive – not just to the idea, but also to our involvement.  I still think it’s so cool that she allowed new employees to take on this kind of initiative.

What was the first event you organized?

Based out of our New York headquarters, we raised money for Thanksgiving dinners through Feeding NYC.  Analytic Partners matched all the donations.  We ended up providing holiday dinner for something like 40 families.

Analytic Partners has eight offices worldwide.  How did your efforts roll out to other offices?

Bringing in Mike Menkes as the senior advisor and Kylie Kassoy as the main organizer in New York has made a huge difference in growing the program.  In Denver, Fred Chassé and Caitlin Hill have done amazing things.  And also Troy Yang in Hong Kong, the folks in Charlottesville have the spirit...  People are stepping up everywhere.  It’s really gratifying to see.

In the past 4 years, there have been eight Analytic Partners CSR events, with more to come.  I’m working on an Australian event this year too… stay tuned!

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