A New Look at Pinterest’s Marketing Impact

October 9, 2017

Analytic Partners SVP, Fred Chassé, shares results from recent studies on Pinterest's marketing impact

As a Pinterest Measurement Partner, Analytic Partners has a front seat to how Pinterest is working on new ways to help advertisers reach the right audience. In fact, Pinterest recently highlighted findings from measurement analysis we completed on behalf of five advertisers in retail and packaged goods. By leveraging Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) we sought to capture the impact of Pinterest, alongside other marketing channels, on business outcomes. The results, recently published on Pinterest's blog, found that the platform had a strong return and efficiency. We found that for these brands:

  • Pinterest outperformed the overall marketing average by 45%.
  • Pinterest delivered $2 in profit for every $1 the advertisers spent.
  • Each advertiser in the model could increase their Pinterest spend to 5% of their total marketing budget, while maintaining ROI.

As we measure cross-channel marketing effectiveness for our clients, we find many brands that lend themselves well to being discovered and inspiring consumer engagement on Pinterest. While starting spending levels need to be considered overall, we have found that there is an opportunity to significantly increase spend with Pinterest. We recognize that each brand is unique and will respond differently and we work with marketers to review how each marketing channel fits their messaging and customer strategy to optimize marketing investment for brands.

If you want to learn more about Analytic Partners and the approach we utilize as a Pinterest Measurement Partner, make sure to read our whitepaper we created together. In "Measuring What Matters," Analytic Partners and Pinterest recommend a measurement approach that gives brands insights on what’s driving growth and how to optimize future investments and uncovers dynamics that are often obscured by other types of measurement studies. A case study brings the recommendations to life, and shows how Integrated Pathway Analysis can reveal insights about marketing performance and synergies.

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