Report: Offline and Online Advertising ROI Gap Shrunk ~30% Since 2016

February 26, 2019

New for 2019, Analytic Partners' ROI Genome Report Provides Updates to Trends


New York, Feb 26, 2019 – Online advertising ROI has long out performed offline on average but the latest report from Analytic Partners shows the convergence of online and offline ROIs has continues.  In fact, the gap between online and offline advertising ROI has closed by roughly 30% since 2016.

What is driving these trends and how can marketers best optimize across all tactics?


Analytic Partners, the global leader in marketing analytics, has released “ROI Genome Marketing Report: 2018 Compilation”, the latest in a series of reports based on the learnings of the company’s ROI Genome – the goal of which is to create marketing wisdom from accumulated numbers and knowledge.

New for 2019, the updated Analytic Partners’ ROI Genome Marketing Intelligence Report Compilation is our annual edition of important trends and insights on the factors that affect return on investment for offline and online marketing.


The report includes updated marketing and advertising trends as of February 2019, along with the complete collection of reports from the last twelve months.


Key topics within the report include:

  • ROI Comparisons for Offline + Online
  • ROI Trends by Channel
  • Digital Marketing Spending Trends
  • Multi-Channel Synergies
  • What Factors Drive ROI
  • Linear TV vs Addressable TV Trends


Over the past 19+ years, Analytic Partners has collected marketing and analytic intelligence across industries and countries and these insights form the core of the ROI Genome. This report is just the most recent opportunity to highlight different aspects of marketing and advertising and uncover actionable intelligence.


“As the line between online and offline ROIs continue to converge, it will be even more important for businesses to leverage analytics to understand how to optimize their marketing and advertising,” said Mike Menkes, SVP at Analytic Partners. “This report provides a glimpse into the trend that marketers are facing and offers insights on how improve their efforts.”


ROI Genome Marketing Report: 2018 Compilation is available for download. To learn more and read the report, visit: